VSE and Wheeler Bros Win USPS Contract to “Repower” LLVs

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) announced today that it has received notification from the US Postal Service (USPS) that it will be awarded a contract to deliver a more fuel efficient repowered gasoline LLV prototype delivery vehicle for the existing fleet. VSE submitted a proposal with Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI) of Somerset, PA, to develop and deliver the vehicle for testing.

The USPS solicitation asked that contractors propose fuel efficient gasoline or diesel engine to be used in the USPS truck fleet, which is the largest civilian fleet in the world. A prototype vehicle is to be tested and delivered within six months.

The VSE-WBI team proposed a fuel efficient engine designed by WBI especially for the Postal LLV fleet. Dave Wheeler, CEO of WBI, said, “We have spent years and a lot of money developing this engine and we think it will be a big winner. It is designed to be an affordable drop-in solution for the Postal Service. This engine could double the mileage of the current engine and at today’s fuel prices, the avoided cost of fuel and environmental benefits will be tremendous.”

VSE CEO, Maurice Gauthier, commented, “This is a great match for us. VSE has facilities across the U.S. that refurbish Army vehicles and WBI supplies nearly all the parts for the LLV fleet. For this repower contract our maintenance skills combined with WBI vehicle supply chain expertise makes for a winning combination.”

The entire USPS fleet is nearly 215,000 vehicles, approximately twice the size of the Army Humvee fleet. Much of the fleet is nearing the end of its life expectancy and due to the financial condition of the USPS, procuring a new fleet at this time is not feasible. The VSE WBI proposal is designed to extend the service life of the fleet much like the Army has been doing with the Humvee fleet.

VSE acquired Wheeler Bros., Inc. on June 6, 2011. Wheeler Bros., Inc. will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of VSE.

via VSE Corporation and Wheeler Bros., Inc. Win US Postal Service Repower Contract | Business Wire.

  • adavids

    pieces of junk..hope theses don’t roll away

  • VMF Retired

    I bet if you did a cost comparison it would be cheaper to purchase a new fleet than retool the old fleet…

  • Chris

    LLV’s are not pieces of junk. Maybe you should learn the history of these vehicles, how long they have been in service, and also how they were not rebuilt at 12.5 years as they were designed to be, before you go running your pie hole.
    The cost of a new Fleet is out of this world and definatly not an option for the Postal Service at this time. It cost upwards of 25k$ to rebuild an LLV and about the same just to buy a new vehicle, thats each unit. The cost to replace the LLV fleet would approach the $2,875,000,000 mark when just replacing engine would cost around $575,000,000. All of these LLV’s are currently in fair condition and when properly serviced and maintained as recommended they will last many more years. If the Postal Service would get rid of that Union and use contractors they wouldnt be responsible for supporting these lousy mechanics that sit around playing cards while they let the fleet deteriorate.
    Ive worked with these union workers and they are lazy and have an incredible sense of entitlement that they truly do not deserve. If they had put the same effort into keeping the fleet in good condition as they do keeping the union in good condition, they wouldnt have these issues.
    I for one am for replacing the engines with new fuel efficient models. The savings in fuel cost, retiring older overpaid management along with a 10 cent postage increase would save our Postal Service and allow them to operate in the black. After several years using this business model they would have no problems updating their fleet and equipment.

  • Chris

    Also, Wheeler Bros, is not the only parts supplier for LLV parts. They are in fact the largest, but the Jasper corporation has also been supplying LLV parts for several years and alot of the parts they sell are much cheaper than Wheeler Bros. They have been denied the chance to provide parts directly to VMF’s and have been relegated to mostly selling parts to contractors that perform the engine and transmission replacements for the VMF’s around the country.
    There are companies all over the place that are willing to help the USPS and provide quality, low cost maintenance and service. You can lead a camel to water, but you just can’t make em drink.

  • tim

    The replacement seats for the postal LLVs we get from wheeler bros are cheap junk they do not have any firmness at all its like sitting on an old couch cushion tough on your back and butt