Washington Post launches another attack on USPS

Like an elderly relative who tells the same story over and over, the Washington Post today rehashes its December editorial blaming postal workers for the USPS’s financial problems. The Post’s anti-USPS stance both on its editorial page and its news reporting, is hardly surprising, since, like all newspapers it competes with the USPS for advertising dollars- but the tone has become increasingly shrill. Here’s how today’s rant begins:

With each passing day, it is more obvious that the U.S. Postal Service’s business model is “not viable,” as a Government Accountability Office report put it last year. Having lost $8.5 billion in fiscal 2010, USPS expects to lose another $8.3 billion in fiscal 2011. Personnel accounts for 80 percent of the Postal Service’s costs, but its new 4 1/2-year agreement with a 205,000-member union cuts costs only $844 million a year. And USPS has to pay $6.7 billion to retiree health and worker compensation funds by Sept. 30.

USPS, in short, could be unable to make payroll in the near term unless Congress acts. Yet the likeliest answer from Capitol Hill is to extend more aid, enabling USPS to limp along for a few more years, without attacking the Postal Service’s dysfunction at the roots.

“More aid”? Wouldn’t that imply that the USPS has already received some “aid” from Congress? Apparently the Post still chooses to ignore the plain and simple truth- that the only “aid” that has been extended is the billions of dollars the USPS has been forced to pay into the Treasury under PAEA to help offset the federal budget deficit. The Post also thinks that the PAEA trust fund payments are a “wise precaution”, despite the fact that absent the payments the USPS would be a profitable business. We can’t allow that to happen, can we?

  • John Johnson

    For a newspaper that I so respected to publish and article so misleading and so inaccurate puts it in a class with Fox news and the tabloid press. In and age where the press should be protecting the citizens of this country by reporting the facts and holding corporations and politicians accountable, instead of attempting to destroy an organization that provides a service too every American and is the most trusted government agency.

  • Larry

    what do you expect from a republican bashing paper. all the fox people and right wing nut jobs just keep repeating their lies. they figure if you repeat it enough it will be true. thats their mantra at fox news and right wing papers.
    all they want are tax breaks for business and the well to do. of course that has never produced jobs or anything else for the middle class

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