Canada Post: Calgary and Edmonton to Strike Tonight

June 7, 2011 – 18:30

Strike / Negotiations Alert

This evening, at midnight local time, Victoria B.C. and Moncton N.B. will return to work. Tonight, Calgary will commence strike action at 9:00 p.m. local time and Edmonton will join them at 10:00 p.m. local time. The job actions in both cities will last 24 hours.

These locations were chosen to highlight the adverse impact on postal service resulting from inadequate staffing. Both cities have experienced service problems as routes have not been delivered due to staff shortages, and postal workers have been required to perform forced overtime.

More Facts and Figures

71% not 85%: On June 6, 2011, CPC stated that approximately 85% of the jobs in CUPW’s urban bargaining unit are currently full-time positions. According to CPC’s own data, in the CUPW urban bargaining unit, there are 34,328 full-time, 6,044 part-time and 7,809 temporary employees. The truth is that approximately 71% of the jobs in CUPW’s urban bargaining unit are currently full-time positions.

2.6% apart on wages over four years: Under the CPC proposal, the wages paid to current employees would amount to about $8.4 billion during the four-year agreement. Under the CUPW wage demand, approximately $8.6 billion would be paid. The difference is about 2.6% over the entire four years.

$1.4 Billion still unaccounted for: On May 24th, CPC claimed CUPW’s proposals would add $1.4 billion of new costs to Canada Post over the life of the contract. To date, no one at CPC has been willing to try and explain this figure, which was reported extensively by the media.

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