USPS execs discuss strategies, priotities in Postal Forum Q&A

From USPS News Link:

Simplicity and making it easier to do business with the Postal Service were the themes earlier this week at National Postal Forum, where USPS Executive Leadership Team members addressed a standing-room-only crowd during the Postmaster General’s Executive Session.

“We want to share some of our strategies with you and better explain some of our key priorities,” said PMG Pat Donahoe, who was joined onstage by Chief Operating Officer Megan Brennan, Chief Information Officer Ellis Burgoyne, Chief Sales/Marketing Officer Paul Vogel and DPMG Ron Stroman to discuss USPS initiatives.

The first phase of installing 100 flats sequencing system machines will be completed by June and will result in a reduction of almost 1,100 delivery routes, said Brennan. But work remains on improving national critical entry times for First-Class Mail, Periodicals and Standard Mail flats.

Continued improvements to Full Service Address Correction Service; increasing tracking for mailpieces, trays and containers; and full tracking of all barcoded packages by October were among the customer improvements announced by Burgoyne.

Two new IT programs — eDropShip and electronic payment — will replace cumbersome paper-based systems for mail acceptance and billing.

After reinforcing the Postal Service’s commitment to a national advertising campaign that reinforces the value of mail, Vogel said that $10 million in revenues already have been achieved through Every Door Direct Mail — a product that simplifies creating and delivering marketing mail.

Other customer-focused products being considered include expanding Reply Rides Free to include a free second ounce, and ways to provide free shipping for online purchases, added Vogel.

via USPS News Link – May 5, 2011.

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  • Concerned carrier

    If we are going to run like fedex & ups we should be able to be off on Saturday’s like them to be with family also….just saying… would cut down on sick calls on weekends also 🙂

  • Retired

    Hey concerned carrier – if they go to five day deliveries you or one of your brother or sister carriers (actually thousands of them) will have the opportunity to be home with their families ever day because they will be without a job.

  • Reagen

    5 day delivery is common sense solution, thats why congress wont do it, they only know how help screw it up!

  • DB

    5-day does NOT make common sense…it makes NO sense! We, and we ONLY, can deliver 6 days a week to every address in the country for the same price. We may not make profits for stockholders like UPS & FedEx, but we provide the American public the SERVICE…the reason that the Postal Service was initiated & created. If you wish Saturdays off, take a “private sector” job. Postal workers may suffer regarding weekends off, but that supports our reasons for getting better wages, benefits, etc. You can’t/shouldn’t demand both.

  • marty

    allow letter carriers to spread parcels, sprs, dps flats in tubs etc!! instead of me standing there staring at a mailhandler/clerk who moves slower than a snail, we will move it and get the heck out the door in time!!!! tired of losing a city carrier routes while clerks and mailhandlers do nothing and have so much effect on our jobs,,,,,

  • nick

    give incentives to craft personnel and watch the numbers climb.

  • jimbo

    a craft employees opinion has never mattered and never will.i know what is best for me and how to carry my route but still have to do it the way they say to do it.thats fine ,im here on my own free will and dont plan on leaving.ill stay on the otdl and as long as i do it thier way i will make lots of money.remember the old saying……… something you cant afford because the post office will definitely buy it for you.

  • FSS

    100 machines at a cost of 1 billion with a reduction of 1100 routes. Let’s do the math 1 billon / 1100 = $909,090 per route. One of the PO’s VP’s said he did not know if the FSS program would ever save money. When you factor in the cost to keep the machines up and running I’d bet they don’t.

  • RicktheMailman

    1100 routes equals 800 hours of OT, you figure

  • Dacey

    Thats great USPS is trying to enhance their service by providing more facilities to employees and customers.Entry of new technology may bring new change in services.