PMG Comments On GAO Report on Five-Day Mail Delivery

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a thorough and comprehensive review of the Postal Service proposal to move to a five day per week delivery schedule. We are pleased to see they agree that the Postal Service is likely to achieve significant cost savings if this change were to be effected and that much of its success depends on how efficiently it is implemented. We agree and believe that having completed a lengthy planning process; we are prepared to make that happen.

We are aware of the concerns certain stakeholders have expressed to GAO. We consulted extensively with our customers as we developed our operating plans. They can be assured that any decision to go to a five-day schedule will carefully balance our universal service responsibility and our statutory duty to operate in an efficient manner in light of prevailing volume, cost and revenue trends. Consideration of such matters will help ensure the financial stability of the Postal Service well into the future.

  • bklynnf

    why in the world does the gov’t allow the very people that are running this public service into the ground to police themselves? As a worker we all have experience with the mismanagement and out right lies the postal service uses to have peoples opinions result favorable for the. this is a conflict of interest. and should be discontinued, because the postal services results are flawed. for one in my plant we have an overage of senior managers per shift, not including your normal floor managers, that are walking around trying to look busy. they also try to place alot of them in acting positions, which still result in payment on the senior pay scale. but don’t show up as senior management on the books. I’m sure this is not the only office carrying a overage of management. 10yrs ago only 1-2 senior managers were used. the post office is determined to hold true to not letting these essessive practices go. without first getting rid of the employees who directly do the labor. They make a far cry more money with excessive perks that sould be addressed.

  • cindy

    go for it…..five day is the way !

  • alice

    As a carrier I only hope that the balance will be made for the mail that would have been delivered on Saturday. If not that means that on Mondays you will be paying overtime to carriers to cover the extra time to deliver Saturday’s mail volume

  • Payola

    Nothing but a snafu. This guy has the doublespeak down better than Potter.

  • Reagen

    Congress just give the green light!!!!!! If the green light for D day was up to Congress they would still be doing studies.

  • Unforgiven

    5 day delivery is the stupidest idea on the books, might as well just close down and auction off the post office to the highest bidder if you’re stupid enough to believe 5 day delivery is a good idea

  • Ready to retire

    Cindy- If you were one of the thousands of carrier T-6s out there that will lose their positions, I don’t think you would be cheering. Before you think about how great it is to have a 2 day weekend every week, think about the families of those replacement carriers. Have some compassion. The crafts have been cut to the bone. They need to trim the higher level positions that have no hands on the mail.

  • Raul Uncafanti

    hey letter carriers. i am one who retired. forget 5 day, lets do 4 day or better yet 3 day. Deliver on mon, wed, and fri. wake up letter carriers !!

  • Handsome J

    Let my 31 years as a Letter Carrier help out here.
    The old PMG and the new PMG have no clue about what they do, they are over paid bureaucrats.
    The head of our Union (NALC) is another idiot and I can’t even read what he writes anymore. Get rid of these figure heads and hire a business man.
    Can a 5 day week at the Post Office work? Of course it can, but these brainiacs would some how ruin it with their ways of doing business. Can we rebuild the Post Office around a six day week? Of course we can, but not with these people in charge.
    You guys all know it… They micro manage, no sense makes sense, let the customers do stamps by mail and kill the clerk jobs, write carriers up if they use 3 sick days in a years period even if he brings in 2 doctors notes and the Post Master says “Stay home if you’re sick.” I can go on and on and so can you.
    Fix things. Create revenue. Give the customers a reason to use the Post Office. Raise the price of a stamp to 50 cents already. Go back to a 2 dollar and 10 cent Priority Box that fits into a mail box. Stop over complicating the crafts. Count how many customers a window clerk can handle in an hours time with your over complicated system with too many mailing choices. Make it a fast experience. Look at the faces of the people waiting on line for 20 minutes, they dread going to the Post Office. Get rid of the carrier route books. A full coverage should have no addresses on them and means every house, every apt gets one. Get rid of more managers. Make a Clerk/Carrier Craft. Combine the Unions or get rid of one. It’s not about the Union its about the workers. If they are short a clerk today ask by seniority if a carrier wants to work the window. Teach us to do both jobs. Count the mail for each route by the week and not by the day. I can give you 50 more… but is there really anybody listening?
    Handsome J

  • Ready to retire 2

    Hey Cindy, I’m with you, so is 9/10’s of my office

  • jimbo

    you simply have sub carriers come in on saturday and deliver medicine, express,etc.when they are done they can case circulars on the routes and prepare for monday.quite simple really

  • Jon

    Handsome J you hit the nail on the head. I’m a city carrier and the USPS is basically a joke when it comes to management. Our PM makes $110,000 without a high school education. Just because she became someones “buddy” she’s in that position. It’s sad but true. Saturdays are here to stay for at least 10 more years or maybe forever, PMG can whine all he wants.

  • uspsgal

    These idiots even tossed around the idea to have carriers work Mon-Fri and have another non-postal group deliver on Saturdays. You’ll never guess who they had in mind – retired carriers and school teachers. That just goes to show how much the people in charge think of our job, it’s so easy anyone can do it. Most carriers by the time they retire are so broke down they can’t carry any more; and school teachers, yeah, I’m sure they are going to walk for six or seven hours in all weather conditions, carrying a full load!

  • Jay

    Sure cutting Saturday makes perfect sense, seeing as how almost every holiday the post office gets falls on a Monday. And if you have ever seen the mail on a Monday its not the best day of the week, so walking in on Tuesday morning with Two days worth of mail plus a box-holder is work. And I know hard work, yeah yeah yeah-I was raised if you do a job do it right, I get it. Point is, Saturdays can be heavy (or) somewhat light, so lets cut Sat. have a holiday on Mon. and show up Tuesday for 3 days of mail plus a box-holder and then hit the road and, Oh by the way lets make sure you make dispatch. If not take an extra 50min. one way to take the mail you have picked up to the Big Post office in the city so it can be sorted out asap. From what I see, and read here- I agree there are a lot of higher levels that are causing the post office to go under. It’s not the ones out delivering the mail and don’t mind checking in on patrons who enjoy seeing a friendly face. Things have gotten so tight the next thing thats on it’s way out is customer service, because you have to be at the same place everyday at the same time-(or pretty close) on your route. Let me say I love what I do and I hope for the best along with a lot of praying because it’s not just about me, it’s a wife and two kids that will pay the price also. not easy when it takes you 3 months to make what a regular carrier will make in 3 1/2 weeks.

  • Dave 35yrs

    5 day del. will be a fact in 2012…..we’ll all have Wednesdays off..get ready for 10, 11, 12 hour work days….bon chance! & peace out

  • leroy

    As a carrier of 20 years, 5 day is better than no day. All we have to make up is the office time on sat. not the street time, were closed. So lets see you get 5 feet of mail on a sat, spread that out on the other 5 days, thats 1 foot of mail or 15 minutes added to each day,………….. we will hardly notice it. Makes sence. If were broke…………….5 day is better than no day.

  • Lisa

    I agree with Leroy! If we continue with 6 day, we eventually risk working 6 days, with routes so wittled away by each mail count, (hr by hr) we will be missing one day of work hours anyway, but working 6 days.
    Think about it!