PMG says “there will be no layoffs for Postmasters”, denies Washington Post reports

The Washington Post claimed again this morning that the USPS was planning to lay off “thousands” of postmasters and supervisors. This afternoon, in a telephone conversation with NAPUS National President Bob Rapoza, the PMG categorically denied the Post story:

NAPUS National President Bob Rapoza called Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe this morning in response to a March 25, 2011 article in the Washington Post, which stated the Postal Service planned to “eliminate the jobs of thousands of postmasters and supervisors, many through layoffs.” Postmaster General Donahoe told President Rapoza that he could tell Postmasters that “there will be no layoffs for Postmasters.”

The Washington Post article, which quoted postal officials about the Postal Service’s reorganization, generated many calls and emails to the NAPUS national office concerning the possibility of layoffs for Postmasters. Early this morning, the NAPUS President placed a call to the PMG, who later returned the call to Rapoza telling him that Postmasters will not be laid off.

The NAPUS national office has also been inundated with calls and emails, asking why Postmasters weren’t included in the Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) and incentive offers that were announced for USPS Headquarters, Area and District EAS Non-Bargaining employees. The reason Postmasters were not included in the VER and incentive offers is because post offices weren’t eliminated in the recent downsizing effort, thus Postmasters were not impacted employees.

Area positions (originally 1,123) are being reduced by 27.3% which equates to a job loss of 306 positions leaving a total of 817 area positions.

District positions (originally 5,791) are being reduced by 24.92% which equates to a reduction of 1,443 jobs, leaving a total of 4,348 district positions.

That is a total of 1,749 jobs down from the previous 6,914

While post offices have not been specifically targeted for closing during this initial downsizing effort, plans to close post offices are part of the overall reorganization process. NAPUS will continue to keep you informed on any information that Postal Headquarters provides concerning planned closings of post offices. The PMG reiterated his commitment to continue open communications with NAPUS, with “no hidden agenda.” He told President Bob Rapoza that he could quote him that “there will be no layoffs for Postmasters.”

via NAPUS.

  • spintowin

    About Damn time….Good job Mr Donahue !

  • Tom

    If they would offer the VER to all CSRS employees he would get what he needs. I would go but I work for USPIS in the lab. I sure hope they reconsider and offer the VER to all of us. They would save some BIG salaries.

  • curly

    the last time the usps had a rif it was eas employees. the usps just renamed the eas jobs. the employees were just shifted around. there were no jobs lost. i have a feeling this will happen again. i agree with tom the pmg should offer csrs employees time and money to retire.

  • jeff

    If you want go, then retire. No incentive should be needed.

  • Ronnie

    Notice how he only stated “there will be no layoffs for Postmasters.” …didn’t include no layoffs for supervisors in that statement…hmmmmmm…I retired this Feb 1st…at 56 years old…loving every minute of it…almost 37 years in the USPS…don’t miss the stress of having to split 3 or 4 routes (out of 19) a day and not use OT (yeah right)…those 11/12 hour days (and get paid for 8)…all those daily performance telecons…all the reports….I do miss the people, all my carriers, clerks, fellow local managers…

  • BS

    How many CSRS employees would retire if they were offered their lump sum in addition to their CSRS retirement? I know I would!!!!!

  • BS

    To Jeff: Most of retirement age employees want to retire but with the economy the way it is…….unless I get a GOOD offer I am going to stay as long as I can. Good point tho..

  • Screwedforsure

    As a Postal employee of almost 17 years, this organization plays with our lives on a regular basis. Due to spending wastefully, greedy unions, mis-management of executives making 6 figures and doing nothing to earn it, my job has been in jeopardy twice in the last two years. Due to being downsided last year, I relocated, moving away from everything I knew, friends, family and now I may have to move again to keep my job. This is ridiculous. The Postal Service thinks it’s going to achieve savings by abolishing all the administrative jobs while retaining the management positions? These managers will just have to figure out how to create a report in Excel and operate the fax machine their damn selves! If Marvin Runyon were still alive I’d start by kicking him right in the nuts!

  • retired and lovin it

    If the districts would truly downsize they could really save some money. One southwest district paid enough lodging and per diem for those additional “detailed” EAS employees to provide several salaries AND ovetime fo remployees who actually touch the mail. In the “old days” when the USPS was in the black, there were no “permanent” route inspectors, OPS assistants, etc. If these positions are essential, make them POSITIONS and free up field positions/employees for people who actually want the job and will do it. And save the hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it!

  • Gregg

    Come on,Pat!! Offer CSRS people a VER and git er done!!

  • Sf carrier

    Yeh…No lay off…just DEMOTE them…at least they still have job

  • Brian

    Before we even look at staffing we should be looking at the services that we GIVE AWAY.
    The post office must stop giving away free stuff like, ‘Franked Mail for Congress’, free address requests for process servers, and treating political mailings as First Class. We were cut loose in 1974, but our rules were not changes. The Feds have us hamstrung here. We need to charge for our services, just like every other ‘private’ company out there.
    It seems to me that we should be looking at product and service pricing and savings through ending the freebees, or potential revenue once we attach a proper price. Imagine an election year where when a mailer pay regular postage just like Macy’s or Safeway… There is no downside, since we currently deliver this stuff at great loss due to the massive overtime it costs to sort, case and carry. We are better off without volume that we deliver at a loss!!!

    • brian

      Congress pays for franked mail.

  • NYSmike

    In other news, the USPS has increased their orders for thousands more clipboards. Film at 11.

  • Lucinda S Lewis

    In our district, the term is ghostmaster. That’s the 40 or so “postmasters” who have never served their communities because they work for district, get paid travel and sometimes per diem, and make the district look like they are operating within complement when they couldn’t if they tried.

  • Brenda

    I feel that there will be none of them removed, they will just moved them around to another management position because they take care of their own, and we all know this. As for retirement, well with all of comments about not getting the right amount of $ promised to them, and their cks being held up for months, well that is downright scary. Anyone out there thinking they can take retirement while their child is in college, or they arent debt free, or they still have a mortgage well think again. You have to be pretty much debt free to take it. I am 55 and thinking of it but I am debt free….meaning no credit card bills, no mortgage of any kind. I do have some savings and I did save in the TSP. But my house wont be sold any time soon which is what I wanted….so I could move to an area that is less to live in. So thats a factor involved. Still, when I turn 56 which is my mra to go, I might. I was one that the witch hunt comm was after and I chose to go to full duty, but that doesnt mean that I am really in good shape. I am in major pain every day. My hands hurt all the time…..just to type this letter my hands go numb. However, I didnt want to be one that got caught up with Workers Comp not paying me. I still feel I did the right thing. I was punished the first 6 months at the facility I was at. I was constantly given the hardest work to do, while others didnt help me at all. Shame on the Post Office to allow all of that to happen. I witnessed this letter carrier get hurt while carrying his route…dog chased him, and he fell, and broke his wrist. He was out for about 8 wks healing, but still not ready to come carry his route. My manager talked him into coming back, told him that he had light duty work for him while healing. He came back and the next day he was WALKED OUT by the witch committee. They didnt even give him time to reach his MAXIMUM MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT. How can this happen? Where is our job protection? To me its all going downhill and I can’t wait till I can retire. I am saving as much as I can so I can leave. I have enough for 6 months, and I honestly can’t believe that all of you out there making all that money dont have that much saved. Have you ever listened to SUSAN ORMAN?? Its all about what we need and not about what we want. We are in bad times. Anyway good luck to all of you out there, and god bless.