Chaffetz wants to fire tax delinquent federal employees- but why stop there?

Congressman Jason Chaffetz had this to say today in the Daily Caller:

If you’re collecting a federal paycheck, you should pay federal taxes. That’s the premise of a bill I introduced last week to require federal employees to pay their taxes or be fired.

Going after public workers has become fashionable among right wing politicians- they follow Muslims, Gays, Hispanics and African Americans as the latest scapegoats for whatever is ailing the country at the moment. But there is a certain logic to Chaffetz’s argument. He suggests working for the federal government is a privilege, and that in order to benefit, you should satisfy all your obligations to the feds. Fair enough- and Chaffetz goes so far as to say he would include federal contractors in the deal- don’t pay your taxes, your contracts get cancelled.

But I think Jason is missing something here- he says “No one who ducks a federal tax obligation should be eligible to benefit from federal funds.” But he only targets federal employees and contractors. How about all the other people who “benefit from federal funds”? Wouldn’t that include people receiving Social Security, Medicare, veteran’s benefits, crop subsidies, disaster relief, food stamps, small business loans, Wall Street bailouts, and all the rest? Come to think of it, exactly who in this country doesn’t “benefit from federal funds”?

So shouldn’t the law be rewritten to require that ANY employer terminate any employee who is seriously delinquent in their federal taxes? Or, at the very least, shouldn’t ALL of their federal benefits be terminated? Fair is fair, right?

Somehow I don’t think the Congressman will go that far- after all, a certain subset of the tea party types that he’s desperately trying to woo have a major problem with the very idea of the federal income tax. So I’d only suggest that the Congressman correct one other logical flaw in his bill. If you’re after people who “benefit from federal funds”, remember that the big agency that always gets mentioned first in these stories, the US Postal Service, doesn’t receive any!

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  • ipaytax

    Lets start with the Congress and Senate

  • Mailer

    Let’s bring back debtors’ prison while we’re at it.

    These people are infinitely cynical. They shave off one segment of humanity and shower it with hatred until it is marginalized or eliminated, then move on to the next flawed segment. Eventually former allies fail their purity tests.

    By the time they’re done, they hate all of humanity. If you’re not on their list, you will be.


    This Politician Chaffetz has nothing better to contribute to our country! Let the IRS handle this.They do not need you to do it for them.Lets trim the FAT from our government like Chaffetz.He is not worth a vote.Remember his name during the next election.Another worthless politician wasting congress time!Get a LIFE! People have no jobs,and are starving,in a war that is bankrupting our country.What a waste of time and a public office.Step down and let a real MAN or WOMAN that cares about this country Step in.You sir are a BIG WASTE of a very important OFFICE!

  • robin

    This SHOULD apply to all federal employees, no matter how high their level (including the DC types). and not only to us but ALL workers. If you don’t pay your tax, you don’t work. Give that job to someone who will happily pay their taxes in order to have a job. there are plenty of peiople in that boat right now. Not only employees, but people who draw gov money, too. If you owe taxes, pay them.