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Letter carrier helps child, gets fired

From NBC Philadelphia:

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  • trout

    this is one of the reasons management gets accused of being stupid….Ray Daiutolo the management rep is an idiot……. why doesn’t he fire his lazy son who is only a supervisor because his father got him a job…a letter of warning maybe but firing her? Please! I guess they don’t like her….. with all the crap that goes on in So Jersey you would think they’d learn by now…

  • tony g

    I’m sure this was not the first offence I’v never seen anyone fired after 1 offence

  • Jack Potter aka asshole

    Check this out. Here is were all the money goes. It is amazing how many people work in the 20260 zip code (Headquarters) Records 1 to 10 of 2538 employees. Check it out @

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  • mike

    Thats why I laugh when I see those goofy “if it fits it ships”
    ads. They would write you open in a minute if you spent 5 seconds interacting with a customer even if it put the PO in a positive light. I hope this story gets around ’cause like roaches, management scatters when you turn the lights on.

  • mike

    Hey Tony you Canadian? These days in the US, they do fire you for your first offenSe!


    Fire You Yes, At our station if you have a sick relative or God forbid a death YOU’D better bring in the death certificate or else. I’m tired of the heavy handedness that the USPS managers get away with and WHERE IS THE UNION.

  • Ronnie

    We’re only seeing one minute 53 seconds of the issue (the length of the video)…surely there was a lot more involved than what was shown in this video…there was also some video of unsatisfactory work performance issues…I did see a DRT notification in the video…did this joint team of management and union uphold the firing?…I side with Tony, there are evidently other ongoing issues with this employee….

  • Fred R

    The removal was upheld by DRT, so I’m sure that it was most certainly justified. The Postal Service will better off without this carrier.

  • Betty V.

    What the hell is wrong with this world? Was there wrong in helping a child? Our future? Please, the assholes who just sit around all day on their asses need to be let go. It is a problem today when an individual reaches out to help another, and then, someone else decides their future. Someone who has never been in employment where the job requires the individual to “Work.” Ring around your ass, shame on you. Let us hope if there be a next time for actions by a USPS (working) employee, that is not a member of the upper management.

  • Me

    It doesn’t matter what this carrier did in her past, we live day by day, she will be blessed for what she has done by saving a life and the person(s) that are making the decisions about this carriers career don’t give a dam about her and how she will be living. The Post Office is trying to fire as many people as they can, so that their bounes will increase and I’m sure he/she has broken some of the rules of the P.O, but have not yet been caught. When you do wrong to others it will come back…that was a child that needed some HELP!!! What if it was one of your children/grandchild, wife/mistress or whoever, people open your eyes life is too short, don’t fire this carrier for helping a customer!!!

  • Richard

    Sad to see this…The postal service is so wrong to do it.
    The post office can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to relocate a postal executive but nothing for a good carrier..SAD

  • mike lol

    Mike what exactly is “write you open”?

  • Pat

    I thought I have heard it all, I was wrong. Obviously something is wrong with the powers to be at the USPS. Since the USPS is usually seen in a very negative way, one might think Management would have applauded one of their employees for demonstrating their civic duty in showing kindness and in helping a scared little boy. Even if her past job evaluations were less than perfect, this incident should stand on its own. Yes, she broke a company policy, but she potentially saved a child from being mauled.

  • Leo

    Were was Fox news on this one?

  • brian

    I’m not sure what Fox News’s angle would be on this one, given that they believe all federal employees (excluding republican congressmen and Supreme Court justices) are, by definition, evil.

  • Jack Rabbet

    Safety violations are the exception to progressive discipline normally applied. It briefly appeared she asked for auxillary assitance as well. Why did she have to drive this child all the way home? She’s not a taxi. All employees have cellphones today, why not notify the PD or animal control or the boy’s mother? If DRT upheld it, it must have been ironclad.

  • Ronnie

    @Jack Rabbett – I must agree with you concerning the safety violation. If the dogs were an eminent threat, she could have easily let the child sit in the truck with her, called 911 and her supervisor and remained in that spot. The child could have also called his mother. Supervisor could then call animal control and also go out there to assist. If the carrier had no cell phone (which is doubtful I know some who do not), she could have waited for the dogs to move on, and then gone to the nearest home to call, along with the child.

  • Chas

    what about the videos of people packed in LLV’s during hurricane Katrina evacuations? How many removals did that trigger? Im sure the carrier has had problems in the past, and this is just another example of management “pulling the trigger” too soon. Ive never been explicitly told that i cant give rides in my LLV.

  • Chas

    DRT is like everything else. Its possible a “deal” was made to help out some other carrier. Even if she goes to arbitration…. Some you win, some you lose. Arbitrators dont want to be seen as pro-labor, or pro-management, because then they dont get to be arbitrators anymore.

  • RicktheMailman

    I can not believe DRT would agree to a removal!!!! What is the story?

  • a co-worker

    when she came back from her route all she told the supervisor was that she took a boy home in her LLV ( postal truck ) she never said anything about the dogs until she called the news. And she had been written up a couple of times. She should of called the police or animal control and call the supervisor and tell them she in her truck with the boy until someone comes to her aid. But she didn’t do either. She is not telling the whole story. And it sucks that this happened, the post master said that if she would of told them of the dogs on that day he would of acted different towards her.. And she didnt tell her union reps about the dogs either so she dug her own grave..

  • Wayne

    From looking at the video she was charged with unsatisfactory Job Preformace and states she had unauthorized overtime and brought back mail. It is sad when management cares less why you where late just that you where late. I am sure when she told them why she was late they said well you can’t have someone in your vehicle. Our supervisor states all the time she can care less why you called in and if you have medical documentation it was an unscheduled absence. Goes to show we don’t need a Union, management will take care of us. (Hope you can find the sarcasm in the last line)

  • Elizabeth

    That is a shame. I think the post office will be a thing of the past soon. It is being replaced. I will not mail anything unless I absolutely have to! Some day those people in management will have nothing to manage!
    Shame on them for firing someone who cared about another human being!

  • karen

    Maybe she should move out here to the west. One of my coworkers had his SON DRIVE HIS MAIL TRUCK while he stood in the wheel well delivering to the boxes! Fired? Nope, still working and sexually harassing every woman he can find.

  • joanne

    Whether or not there were other issues with this carrier or not this is total BS that they can fire someone for helping a CHILD IN DANGER. The post office has way too many supervisors who are evil people and should be fired themselves but they just get promoted up the ranks and being allowed to make stupid decisions like this. Half of the idiots makings these decisions have never carried mail themselves or ever been in the field making the choice to help someone in need. Carriers are in the public eye every day. What would the manager say if she had left the child and he had been killed by the dogs, good job, I doubt that very much. She did what I would do and I’m sure what any carrier would do for someone in need. The NALC should give her an award for saving the child from the attack.

  • Anne

    She should have stayed put and called someone.Or used the mace on the dogs she was provided with.This easily could have come back to haunt her & the post office even if she hadn’t been fired.One false accusation by the child in order to get a lawsuit going and the nightmare of liability begins.

  • Bill D

    As a former shop steward, I cant believe that this went all the way to arbitration and it was held up. There has to be more to this story, there is no way that a carrier would be fired for this. I do however, know that management definately would try to fire someone for this.
    As a 25 year carrier, the bottom line to this job is, “We dont count, we only do the work”

  • Jon

    I can no belive that she was fired for this. What can we do to help her?

  • black friday

    Good Job.