Big Lie update: California newspaper blames unions for USPS financial problems

Yet another right wing newspaper editorial attacks postal workers, and blames them for postal service’s problems- from California’s North County Times:

The new $1.5 billion Flats Sequencing System being installed by the U.S. Postal Service at its Carmel Mountain distribution center is a modern marvel. The machine takes up 70,000 square feet, sorts 12,500 flats an hour and can read bar codes, printed words and even handwriting.

Better yet, it reduces the cost of sorting magazines, advertisements, newspapers, manila envelopes and the like by as much as 60 percent. Unfortunately, those total cost savings won’t be passed on to taxpayers any time soon.

In any other enterprise, automation would result in a reallocation of resources —- and, yes, work force reductions.

Instead, letter carriers will simply be moved to other parts of the operation because their union-negotiated contract forbids layoffs.

Did we mention the USPS had an $8.5 billion shortfall last year?

Did we mention that all but $500 million of last years postal deficit was the result of Congressional actions, and had nothing to do with postal workers?

Did we mention that letter carriers aren’t actually overstaffed, and are in fact working lots of overtime?

via EDITORIAL: Return to sender.

  • retired manager

    Totally unfair and not true.

  • leader

    I would no more blame this on the union that Postal Management.
    Management wastes overtime when there is a low volume of mail management will push overtime on the processing clerks.
    Management will also throw out new oarts for vehicle repair instead of putting in the stock room which was done while I was working for the post office.
    Management will also hold mail back to process the next day saying it came in after cut off time when in fact it was in the building before the so called cut off time.
    Management create grievances without trying to solve problems but instead find blame and usually takes it out on an employee where the employee will be given a letter of warning, or some type of reprimand.
    There were also Supervisors and Managers taking drugs which was brought the the attention of the Postmaster and they were never given a drug test.
    Those are some of the people making decisions.

  • leader lol

    leader I can see you never wasted any time taking spelling lessons

  • Mailer

    It’s almost embarrassing watching the corporatists rail against unions today after what they’ve done to them. It’s like watching someone shoot and skin the stuffed bear they killed 20 years ago.

  • Rob

    The Unions = Specifically the SEIU is screwing Amercia with the politicos. The Postal Unions are trying to do the right thing and so is management. Its the PSEA that has screwed the USPS finances up. Conservatives fail to understand this issue.

  • jiggyjackjake

    I love how the unions are always blamed the the problems with USPS. Last time I checked, our contracts are negotiated with management. BOTH sides agreed to these stipulations. The union doesn’t get to just dictate these terms.

  • pandora49

    Unions are the last stand against unbridled corp. greed-the only stand. Union salaries do not make anyone rich-these are working class salaries and if a 2 income household maybe they can be middle class. Why does the right blame working class America for tanking our economy? Ever heard of the Wall Street shenanagins-fancy derivative products designed to rip people off? The CEos who can trash a company , and still walk away with billions. Did you hear the latest on Wall Street bonuses? Yeah lets trash more working people and while your at it steal social security or give it to wall street-cancel medicare, medicaid, food stamps and anything else that will help the working poor-greed without bounds-amen

  • Pete

    Shoot the bear they stuffed? It’s more like the dinosaur that has been extinct…….