The Big Lie continues…

It’s getting to be a daily routine- another day, another commentator misstates the facts about the US Postal Service for political reasons.

Today it’s the turn of “G.W. Pomichter”, who bills himself as “a conservative political consultant and member of the Brevard (FL) Republican Executive Committee”. Here’s what G.W. had to say in Florida Today:

In fact, with emerging private sector competitors, the nation’s once premiere postal carrier lost more than $7 billion and spent nearly $5 billion on retiree health benefits alone.

Of course, that is not a “fact”. First of all, it was MORE than $5 billion- about $5.5 billion. And it didn’t go to “retiree health benefits”. It went to a congressionally mandated trust fund supposedly intended to finance future retiree health benefits, but which has been shown to be unnecessary. The real reason Congress wants the money is to artificially decrease the federal budget deficit.

But it gets better- G.W. goes on to claim that

The closure of the USPS would mean private carriers could thrive. More than 30,000 federally protected commercial sites would become available to private interests.

It’s a conservative article of faith that businesses everywhere are just itching to get into the mail delivery business- despite the fact that both FedEx and UPS use the postal service to deliver a large percentage of their package volume, a service that the USPS doesn’t have a monopoly on. (Click here to read about the right wing’s favorite “privatized” postal service) But the real howler is the idea that all those post office sites “would become available to private interests”. Yes, G.W., I’m sure most small towns in this country would just love to have yet another vacant storefront on their Main Street.

via Technology, large deficits outdate it Jan. 30 | | FLORIDA TODAY.

  • M. Jamison

    Part of the reason for the Big Lie is that the Postal Service seems to be encouraging this sort of misinformation. The agenda offered by the new PMG relies heavily on Congress overlooking the actual source of the current fiscal dilemma. The retiree health funding is only a small part of the problem. The Postal Service has been over funding both CSRS and FERS and any reasonable solution would make the need to shrink the network or reduce delivery less pressing.
    Rather than trying to push through a large postal reform effort that includes shuttering post offices and reducing delivery days, Congress could relieve the current crisis by requiring a recalculation of pension and health funding. That would create the space to have a meaningful discussion of how the Postal Service could adapt to the changing landscape.
    At this point no one is looking at the postal network as an asset with present utility and tremendous potential. Instead the analogies make the comparison to an industrial enterprise that has overbuilt capacity. That’s the wrong comparison and one that’s destined to invoke solutions that harm not only the general public but also commercial interests that rely on the broad postal network to reach customers in ways they could not develop on their own.

  • Jack

    I say let them privatize.
    It will be kinda funny
    watching conservatives
    squirm as mail service
    becomes a complete disaster.

  • Labman

    one more elected dumb behind running his mouth without knowing the topic.

  • Jerry G

    Let’s all take a breath and realize what is going on here. Why are we trying to cut the work force of any company state federal or city, when our citizens are crying out for jobs to support their families. Health care is essential for everyone, the poor get it for free through medicaid and never had to pay a cent into anything. The immigrants whether illegal or legal get it for free and never contributed into anything. Why are we attacking postal workers who come to work for 30 years contribute into everything and pay taxes, medicare and everything else. Let’s use our heads

  • Mailer

    Jerry, they represent a growing but frighteningly powerful brand of cynical ideologues. They truly believe they have no need for people, and the happiness or contentment of others represents a threat to their own sense of worth.

    It is the codification of antisocial personality disorder into a political philosophy. And its appeal is spreading.

  • Patty

    This is my conspiracy theory: By closing post offices in urban area, on college campus, in rural area will decrease the amount of federal Postal Jobs, which may create unemployment only to to replaced with a private industry who will:
    1. jack up the prices of mailing letters and packages to cover their overhead.
    2. hire people at minimum wage with no benefits/health coverage and are non-union so they may make a profit.
    This will undoubtly be the Rep. answer to creating jobs and lowering unemployment. They will pat themselves on the back, while fed. employees quite possibly will be going to the unemployment line.
    So in essence you eliminate good living wage paying jobs for minimum wage jobs and create unemployment for more people, in exchange for creating jobs in the private sector. This is lunacy.

  • Idiotland

    This is what they’ve been doing for 30 years with the entire economy. Which is why virtually the entire manufacturing sector and other good jobs have been offshored. Now the chickens are coming home to roost with massive unemployment, out of control debt and an increasingly impoverished populace. And, of course, the government and media keep lying about the actual unemployment rate to hide the effects of “free” trade, which is closer to 1932 levels than what they’re claiming.

  • stevec

    Let’s not foget that UPS is unionized and made a profit in 2010.

  • Charlie

    Remember, UPS raises its prices annually, without any questions asked or without having to request or document why it is necessary.

  • Bigwheel


    I’m sorry to say, this is the REPUBLICAN PLAN FOR AMERICA. American workers voted for this- they listened to the lies told by Rush, Hannity , Beck, etc and put these clowns back in power. I don’t believe our country can recover.

  • Mailer

    No, you see, it will work out for them because they’re going to be rich. They’re too smart and hard-working to not be rich. Or they’ll win the lottery. Either way, they’ll be in at least the top 30%.

    Most Americans have no idea how lopsided things have become and the rest are deluded into thinking that they are or will be the beneficiaries of the lopsidedness.

  • Coach

    It is all very simple:
    The Conservatives have the money.
    They have theirs and they don’t give a darn about those who don’t. Their children are virtually assured a bright future and they think that poor people’s kids will end up working for them. So dismantling the Postal Service eliminates another gateway to the middle class.
    Plus consider this fact, The Postal Service processes the same amount of pieces in one day, that FedEx processes in one YEAR! UPS is a little bigger, it takes the USPS 2 days to match their annual production.

  • rude rooster

    how difficult is it for anyone to look at postal rates worldwide, convert it to dollars and then see that no country in the world much less those that have privatized or semi privatized can beat our price on first class mail delivery. no one anywhere, and why don’t we ever hear that our hands were tied for decades because we had to charge everyone the same rate, if it’s brown, flush it down!
    fed ex, can’t carry my junk!