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Canada Post carrier hurt badly in hit-and-run

A Canada Post worker who says he was run over and left in a pool of blood is recovering in hospital.

Greg Mady suffered a broken knee and three compound fractures in his right leg and one in his left.

Mady said he was working his regular postal route near 127th Avenue and 125th Street in north Edmonton Thursday when he stepped out of his postal truck to make deliveries and was hit by a vehicle he never saw.

He woke up on the ground not able to feel his legs, with crowd of people standing around him, his blood frozen to the pavement.

“I just woke up on the street,” he said. “I got moved to the hospital. Everything is kind of a blur.”

He doesn’t remember the vehicle hitting him, but he was told the the driver left the scene.

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“Secure” Canada Post community mailboxes breached

BRANDON — A community mailbox was pried open by vandals this week, leaving residents not only inconvenienced but concerned about protecting personal information.

The multi-unit mailboxes are currently being installed throughout Manitoba, replacing postal home delivery. They were initially promoted as being secure from theft.

Officers found Wednesday one group of Brandon boxes had been broken into, while the culprits were unsuccessful in their attempt to force open a second block of boxes.Police say they don’t know if anything was stolen from the mailboxes, located near Cornell Bay.

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Video: Canada Post Holiday stamps unveiled

Canada Post has unveiled its holiday stamps for the 2014 season and gives us some tips for sending holiday parcels.

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Good luck getting your mail from these boxes!

From in North Bay, Ontario:

Found this photo interesting.

It was submitted by Keith Bradford, who is the President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Local 576, North Bay.

It shows what Bradford says are active mailboxes blocked by blasting mats.

They were put there temporarily while construction on Ferguson is ongoing.

“I am sure you can appreciate the issues here,” explains Bradford, “which are not just security of the mail, but the public’s health and safety in retrieving their mail, and Canada Post’s obligation to deliver that mail on a daily, and I would say safe manner. This is certainly not meeting either expectation which is clearly laid out in the postal charter.

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Canadian firms stamped out of Canada Post community mailbox contract

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

OTTAWA — First, Canada Post announced it was cutting door-to-door service, prompting fierce criticism in defence of the rights of the elderly, infirm and others. Now, it has turned to an American company to supply the new community mailboxes to replace door-to-door mail delivery over the next five years.

The Free Press has learned the Crown corporation chose the same cluster boxes used by the United States Postal Service for at least the first wave of cluster-box installations in 11 cities this fall.

A Kansas company has won the contract for Canada Post’s community mailboxes.

The boxes are only licensed to be manufactured by three American companies. Canadian companies were not even invited to bid on the contract.

Canada Post awarded the contract to Florence Manufacturing in Manhattan, Kan. Canada Post will not say how much it is spending, how many boxes it is ordering from Florence or how long the contract is set to last.

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Video: No mail delivery? Get a ferret!

Canadian satirist Rick Mercer demonstrates one possible answer to Canada Post’s move to end home mail delivery

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Video: Canada Post ends home delivery for thousands

Canada Post stopped home delivery to 74,000 addresses in 10 communities across the country on Monday, part of the Crown corporation’s move to end all urban door-to-door mail service to five million Canadians in five years.

People in the affected areas will have to get mail from their local community mailbox.

Canada Post says it is phasing out home delivery, and cutting thousands of jobs, owing to financial losses stemming from falling mail volume and increasing use of digital communication. The corporation says Canadians mailed almost 1.2 billion fewer pieces of mail in 2013 than they did in 2006.

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Customer says Canada Post took 4 days to close unlocked mailbox

A Delta man is raising security concerns after a community mailbox was left unlocked and wasn’t fixed for four days.

Resident Roger Meyer said he noticed his mailbox unit was wide open at around 3 p.m. Friday, and even though he immediately contacted Canada Post, it took until Tuesday morning for the mailbox to be closed.

Meyer said when he first called, a Canada Post representative told him the issue was a “high priority” and would be fixed within four hours, but he woke up the next morning to see the mailbox door still ajar.

“I phone back and asked, ‘Would it be okay if I put the mail in a box to keep it safe?’ And I was told ‘No, that would be tampering,’” Meyer said. “I thought, ‘Yeah, I guess it is. I’d better leave it to be tampered with by vandals and bad guys.’”

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Canadian postal workers condemn “vultures circling” over end of home mail delivery

cupw_logoOTTAWA, Oct. 6, 2014 /CNW/ – The union representing postal workers strongly condemns a move by the private company "You Have Mail," accusing it of exploiting the recent Canada Post decision to end door-to-door delivery for over five million Canadian households by offering to pick up mail and deliver it to the door – for a fee, of course.

"The Harper government is trying to kill Canada’s postal service and the vultures are circling," said Denis Lemelin, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

"Canada Post is mandated to be financially self-sufficient and has been so for most of the past two decades. In fact, last quarter, it reported a profit. So why should Canadians have to pay $20 or $30 or $60 to have their mail delivered to the door?"

The union has been pushing for expanded services such as postal banking to address the decline in traditional mail.

"Privatization is not the solution," said Lemelin. "Mail delivery must remain a public service, not a for-profit business."

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You Have Mail a for-profit alternative to Canada Post home delivery

A new privately owned company called You Have Mail is preparing to fill the niche of home delivery once Canada Post stops delivering mail to individual homes.

“Continue to receive your mail at home,” promises the website of the Canadian upstart. "We know that with busy schedules, retrieving mail is the last thing you want to worry about, and we can help."

The company will start its service on Oct. 20 — the same day several urban communities start losing door delivery, as per Canada Post’s five-year transition plan.

With You Have Mail, you can pay $20 to have mail delivered twice a week (Monday and Wednesday), or $30 for three deliveries per week.

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