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APWU Convention Video: Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

Standing Up, Fighting Back! – Canadian Union of Postal Workers


The smoking gun… Harper’s plan to privatize Canada Post

After repeated denials from the Conservative government that their service cuts and rate hikes at Canada Post have anything to do with privatization, we now know the opposite to be true. An access to information request by Blacklock’s Reporter reveals that the Prime Minister’s Office conducted a secret study into privatization only months before Canada Post announced their five-point plan to cut services, jobs and increase prices. It would appear the government has deliberately misled the public.

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Video: Canada Post union releases list of first homes to lose mail delivery


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has released a preliminary list of where community mailboxes will be installed in Winnipeg this summer and fall.

Two parts of northwest Winnipeg, specifically homes whose postal codes start with R2P and R2V will be among the first in the country to switch from door-to-door deliver to community mailboxes in the fall.

Ben Zorn, the CUPW’s local president in Winnipeg, said the union received the addresses as part of a much larger document, and they worked to extract the points.

“This is the information that Canada Post has provided to the union for the purposes of identifying letter carrier routes so presumably these would be the places,” he said. “What we see the most is that particularly in the older grid neighbourhoods is that they are on side streets along the sides of people’s properties.”

via First homes to lose door-to-door delivery on early list: postal union – Manitoba – CBC News.


Postal Banking to the rescue in both Canada and the U.S.

OTTAWA, June 4, 2014 /CNW/ – A study of banks and payday lending companies in the United States and Canada shows a real need for a postal bank exists, especially in areas where post offices abound but few banks offer their services. The paper, presented at the 22nd Rutgers University Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, argues that restoring postal banking in the 21st century would help support post offices while offering much-needed financial services and jobs. Read More


Canada Post suspends service in Moncton as RCMP manhunt continues

Canada Post has suspended postal services in Moncton NB today, as the manhunt continues for the gunman who murdered three RCMP officers last night in the city.

Please note that there will be no mail delivery in Moncton today (Thursday, June 5). Corporate post offices in downtown Moncton and Riverview will be closed for the day as will the postal oulets in the following locations:

  • Jean Coutu (404, St. George St., Moncton)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (1633 Mountain Rd, Moncton)
  • Jean Coutu location (438 Coverdale St., Riverview)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (681 Mountain Rd., Moncton)
  • Sobeys (1380 Mountain Rd., Moncton)

Canada Post – Current Service Alerts.


More than 70 cities band together in effort to save Canada Post’s door-to-door delivery service

Cities across the country have launched an effort to preserve door-to-door mail delivery, even as the first cuts loom this fall.

Canada Post announced last December it would begin phasing out door-to-door delivery for the one-third of Canadian homes that still have the service, replacing it with community mailboxes. Since then, over 70 municipalities have joined together in opposing the measure, which Canada Post says would save $500-million per year.

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Some in Calgary peeved over Canada Post box plan

A number of homeowners across the country have learned that community mail boxes will soon go up on the easement adjacent to their properties and some Calgary residents are not pleased about the plan.

Canada Post has been losing money over the last few years and is phasing out door-to-door mail service.

Community mail boxes will be going up in neighbourhoods across the country over the next five years and the post office and municipalities have been working to determine the best spots to put them.

Homeowners received letters outlining the proposed plans for community postal boxes on Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Don Hunter shows his neighbour Bill Morgan the proposed plan for a postal box next to his property.

On Thursday, a number of Calgary homeowners found out about the locations of some of the boxes and many are not happy with some of the proposed placements.

via Some residents peeved over postal box plan | CTV Calgary News.


Postal union hopes to lick government in fight over home mail delivery

EDMONTON – Canada Post’s move to replace door-to-door mail delivery with community boxes will lead to more theft, litter and vandalism, union members warned Wednesday.

The post office intends to eliminate home delivery over five years for the one-third of Canadian households still receiving this service.

But Bev Ray of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers told council’s community services committee looking at the impact of these changes that Edmonton will pay a price.

“This proposed plan is an attempt to off-load the Crown corporation’s responsibilities to municipalities and taxpayers,” she said.

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Most Canadians Want To Keep Door-To-Door Delivery

OTTAWA – Canada Post’s plan to cut door-to-door delivery is getting the thumbs down from most Canadians, a new poll has found.

60% of respondents to a Stratcom survey* oppose Canada Post’s plan to replace door-to-door delivery with delivery to a community mailbox.

‘The public outcry began the moment these cuts were announced by Canada Post and approved by the Conservatives,’ said Denis Lemelin, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. ”Lawn signs are going up all across the country. People are organizing. Municipalities are taking action.’

To date, 61 municipalities – close to 30% of the population –have passed resolutions or sent letters in support of door-to-door delivery or opposing the cuts. **

In addition, 6 municipal bodies or organizations have voiced concerns, including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Mayors’ Caucus, representing 22 of the largest cities in Canada and 65% of the country’s population.

‘It’s time for the Conservatives to start listening to people or face the consequences in the upcoming election,’ said Lemelin, noting that the Conservatives won the 2011 election with just 39.6 % of the popular vote.


Winnipeg city councillor slams new mailbox program

A Winnipeg city councillor says Canada Post’s plans for its new community mail box program is fraught with problems and unworkable for seniors and those with disabilities.

Coun. Ross Eadie said Canada Post appears prepared to erect the mail boxes on almost every block across a wide swath of north Winnipeg, north of Inkster Boulevard from the Red River to the CPR Arborg rail line.

“This won’t work,” Eadie said. “People won’t be able to get to them, it’s going to cause parking and litter problems and eventually the city will be expected to fix the problems this creates.”

The community mailbox program is Canada Post’s alternative to home delivery. The Crown agency announced in December it will phase out home delivery of mail over a five-year period and replace it with community mailboxes, similar to those that exist in new suburbs.

via Councillor slams new mailbox program – Winnipeg Free Press.