Canada Post workers go to Liberal Convention with “good ideas for better services”

WINNIPEG – Postal workers are organizing at the Liberal Convention in Winnipeg this week, hoping to persuade delegates that new services at Canada Post should be high up on the Liberal policy agenda.

“We’re here to talk about some good ideas we’ve developed for better services like postal banking, check-ins for seniors and persons with disabilities, more services for Northern and Indigenous communities, a greener post office and, of course, door-to-door delivery,” said Gord Fischer, National Director of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Prairie region.

logo-fr-1While the Liberals campaigned on a promise to stop the previous government’s cuts to Canada Post, they steered clear of promising to restore home delivery to everyone who lost it under Harper. Instead, they have launched a public review that they say will be as consultative as possible. The CUPW wants to make sure Canadians weigh in on that review knowing they have options for innovation.

“Improving and expanding the services we can offer and making the most of our profitable delivery network will benefit all Canadians because the post office is everywhere in our country,” said Basia Sokal of the CUPW Winnipeg Local.

The posties are encouraged by a resolution put forward by the Alberta Liberal Party that calls for Canada Post to help with “basic economic infrastructure” in rural communities, including offering identification cards, high-speed internet and banking services.

“Our campaign to bring back postal banking is clearly picking up momentum,” said Fischer. “As Canada Post admitted in a study on postal banking that they censored, it’s a ‘win-win.””

Source: CUPW – 2016-05-26 – Postal workers go to Liberal Convention with “good ideas for better services”

Canada Post warns biggest customers to prepare for service disruption as contract talks continue

Some of Canada Post’s biggest customers, including the federal government, are being told to make contingency plans ahead of a possible contract dispute with workers this summer.

mail-at-door-20141016Jon Hamilton, a spokesman for Canada Post, told CBC News that while the corporation is not trying to be “alarmist,” it has decided to inform some key clients about the possible service disruption.

Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have been in contract negotiations since late 2015 to reach a new agreement for about 50,000 workers.

Source: Canada Post warns biggest customers to prepare for service disruption – Politics – CBC News

Royal Mail escapes price caps after Ofcom says service working well

Royal Mail will escape new price controls after the communications and regulator declared the universal postal system was working in its current form.

4000The company has been the subject of an Ofcom investigation following concerns that it no longer had competition in the delivery of letters when rival Whistl withdrew from the market.

Publishing the initial findings of its review, launched in July last year, the regulator said it would not impose new price caps on Royal Mail.

“Given the declining letters market, and increased competition in parcels, Ofcomis not proposing to impose new price controls on Royal Mail’s wholesale or retail products.”

It added: “The universal postal service is financially sustainable, while current rules and safeguards for people and businesses who use post are generally working well.”

Source: Royal Mail escapes price caps after Ofcom says service working well | Business | The Guardian

Royal Mail warns market remains ‘challenging’ as profits fall 33%

Royal Mail has reported a 33% fall in annual profits and warned that market conditions remain “challenging” despite rising parcel volumes.

It said pre-tax profits for the year to the end of March were £267m compared with £400m a year earlier.

89736069_89736068Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene said: “We have delivered a resilient performance in challenging markets.”

UK revenue fell 1% to £7.6bn from £7.7bn a year earlier as letter volumes and revenue fell by 3% and 2%.

UK parcel volumes grew 3%, but revenue was only 1% higher.

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UK Union says ‘No’ to Post Office destruction

From the Communication Workers Union:

Post Office reps and branch secretaries from across the UK will be meeting in central London next Monday to decide their response to management’s latest attack on members’ jobs.

Over 500 people working in Post Office Supply Chain – delivering cash and valuables to post offices and other businesses, as well as those processing cash – are threatened with the axe, after this morning’s shock announcement by the company’s chief executive Paula Vennells.

post-office-heart-banner-imageThe cutbacks amount to some 50 per cent of the entire supply chain workforce, explained CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey, who notes that, taken together with the controversial Crown Office franchising programme, “over 1,000 jobs are being slashed by the Post Office, which is quite astonishing.

“The Supply Chain job cuts have come as a direct result of the Post Office announcing they’re voluntarily pulling out of external CViT work – which is an almost unbelievably bad business decision.”

Separated from Royal Mail by the 2011 Postal Services Act, the Post Office here in the UK is the only one in the world which has been separated from the national mail delivery service and the CWU maintains that this decision has greatly damaged the network’s viability.

CWU acting DGSP Ray Ellis said: “There’s no doubt that separation has hit both the Crown office counters and the cash in transit operations hard, but Post Office management have also completely failed to develop either of these functions as successful businesses.”

Next Monday’s meeting will consider all options in order to hammer out a strategy to defend members’ jobs and to put forward a positive future strategy for the business.

General secretary Dave Ward said: “With this latest round of job losses, the management of the Post Office has to face the facts that it is in crisis and heading for ruin. If they care about the future of the network they should resign in protest at the straight-jacket government cuts have left them in.

“The Post Office was split from Royal Mail in 2012 in the run-up to privatisation and we are yet to see a plan that will secure its future. With a cut in its funding from £210m in 2013, to zero in 2019, these job losses show that under Sajid Javid’s leadership the Post Office is heading the same way as the steel industry.”

Brian Scott, the Unite union’s national officer for Post Office managerial grades, said that the company’s proposals would “tear the heart out of the Post Office.”

The 79 redundancies of Unite members announced today would “take the total number of proposed job losses to 130 in the last two weeks,” he added.

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Australia Post backflip on charging for parcel collection

Australia Post appears to have backed down on charging $9 for parcel pick-ups after public outcry against the mail delivery carrier’s profit increasing move.

Aus_Post_Logo_oldtextAustralia Post general manager of postal services Christine Corbett says a final decision will be made shortly, but the company are definitely listening to its loyal customers.

“If they don’t want it, we don’t want it,” Ms Corbett said.

The company have also responded to criticism that delivery standards are suffering, insisting they have improved this year with almost 96 percent of parcels arriving on time.

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Canada Post emergency instructions for Alberta fire evacuees

To help restore delivery of mail and parcels to displaced residents of Fort McMurray, Anzac and Fort MacKay as soon as possible, Canada Post has put emergency measures in place. Residents can register at any post office across the country or online. Details below:

Canada-Post-To help reconnect displaced residents with the postal system as quickly as possible, we are asking them to register for our Mail Forwarding service.  This is an important service not just for ongoing mail and parcels, but it also provides a vital link with government and relief agencies going forward. Continue reading

Canada Post Continues “Healthy Profits” – Shows We Can Expand, says Union

OTTAWA – Canada Post has been a money-maker for most of the past two decades and continues its winning streak, netting almost 100 million (99 million) in 2015.

Canada-Post-“Thanks to record parcel volumes and the hard work of postal workers across the country, Canada Post has once again reported healthy profits. We can now take a real look at the options on the table without having to worry about a manufactured crisis,” said Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“They would have made millions more, had they not tried to push their so-called “community mailboxes” on us,” added Palecek.

The union points out that its pension plan is also healthy on a going-concern basis, with a $1.2 billion surplus.

While CUPW has no argument with the reality of fewer letters being sent, it notes that the Crown Corporation also tends to downplay its booming parcel sector and has refused to explore other options for making money. Part of the mandate of the new Task Force is to explore these options, including postal banking.

“We agreed long ago to a system that allows Canada Post to accommodate fluctuations in mail volumes. So Canada Post can and does routinely restructure its routes to accommodate what’s in the system,” said Palecek.

“We’re happy that we’re finally going to have an opportunity to talk about expanding services and reinvesting some of Canada Post’s profits in ways that benefit all of us.”

Source: CUPW – 2016-05-06 – Canada Post Continues “Healthy Profits” – Shows We Can Expand, says Union

Postal Review a “Historic Opportunity” to Reinvent Canada Post, Say Posties

OTTAWA – The federal government’s long-awaited announcement of a review of Canada Post is welcome news for Canada’s postal workers, who are looking forward to the public having a say in what tomorrow’s post office can do for the country.

logo-fr“This government has a historic opportunity to reinvent Canada Post. We’re glad privatization isn’t on the table. We need to get out of the rut of endless cuts, and start getting excited about the possibilities,” said Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. Continue reading

New Zealand postie in hot water after refusing to deliver scam letters to nursing home residents

A Nelson postie who refused to deliver scam letters to a rest home has landed herself in trouble with her employer.

The mail woman, who has only been called Carolyn by her union, has avoided a formal warning but has been given a talking to following a NZ Post investigation into her decision not to deliver the mail.

The Postal Workers Union says NZ Post assumed she had opened the letters, but that she actually became aware of the particular scam after one of her colleagues received one of the letters which ask recipients to send money to claim prizes from “winning scratchies”.

After finding 20 identical envelopes in her bag, she twice told her manager she didn’t want to deliver them, particularly with a rest home on her route.

postie-on-bike.jpg.hashed.e1a5c0e4.desktop.story_.inlineThe state-owned post service called for an investigation into why she had interfered with the mail, the union said.

But while it also said she had also been “threatened” with jail time during her meeting, NZ Post called that claim “ridiculous”.

“Her managers made every effort to take a reasonable approach, including not formally warning her while also impressing upon her the seriousness of interfering with mail,” an NZ Post spokesman said.

He said while the NZ Post acknowledged Carolyn was trying to do the right thing, she had knowingly breached the conditions of her employment.

NZ Post didn’t have the power to open mail if it thought it was a scam under the law, but had taken many steps to try to reduce scam mail of the last five years, he said.

The union said despite warnings from NZ Post, Carolyn would be taking a warning letter to residents at the rest home, with instructions to contact the police directly.

Source: Postie in hot water after refusing to deliver scam letter to rest home | ONE News Now | TVNZ