Canada Posties Win Big: Tory Back-to-Work Legislation Ruled Unconstitutional

From the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

OTTAWA, April 28, 2016 /CNW/ – Postal workers are cheering today’s ruling that the former Conservative government violated its members’ freedom of association by legislating them back to work on June 26, 2011.

“This is a win for workers everywhere,” said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“In 2011, Canada Post and the Conservative government gamed the system by first locking postal workers out and then forcing us back to work. This interference was completely unfair and meant we could not freely bargain.”

The ruling by Ontario Superior Court Justice Firestone declares that the Conservative legislation, which also imposed an offer on the postal workers, “violates the rights to freedom of association and freedom of expression” under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms sections 2d) and 2b), and that it is “unconstitutional and of no force and effect.”

“Let this be a warning to Deepak Chopra and his 22 vice presidents that the legislation trick won’t work this time,” said Palecek.

CUPW is currently in negotiations and Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra, who shut Canada Post’s doors nation-wide and locked out the postal workers in 2011, remains at the helm. The Crown Corporation management has applied for conciliation and refuses to entertain any of the postal workers’ demands for improved services and an end to concessions.

“Canada Post is already trying to push things by starting the countdown to a lockout,” said Palecek.

“This time, they won’t be able to count on the government to make it easy for them.”

Australia Post releases beautiful butterflies with a new stamp issue

Australia Post’s latest stamp issue celebrates four spectacular Australian butterfly species: the Pale Triangle (Graphium eurypylus), the Bordered Rustic (Cupha prosope), the Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) and the Chequered Swallowtail (Papilio demoleus).

Showcasing bold and striking butterflies, these stamps, says Australia Post Philatelic Manager Michael Zsolt, “remind us of the beauty of the natural world”.

“Australia is home to more than 400 butterfly species. The stamp issue features eye-catching photographs of four bright and beautiful butterfly species”, he said.

The three domestic base-rate ($1) and one international rate ($2.75) stamps were designed by Sharon Rodziewicz, Australia Post Design Studio.

  • $1 Beautiful Butterflies - Cairns Birdwing stamp 2016. * Only to be reproduced with the perforations included. Pale Triangle stamp 2016. * Only to be reproduced with the perforations included.

    Pale Triangle (Graphium eurypylus) is a large and eye-catching butterfly. The species is part of the Graphium genus of swallowtails, of which only six of the almost 90 species occur in Australia.

  • $1 Beautiful Butterflies - Bordered Rustic stamp 2016. * Only to be reproduced with the perforations included.

    Bordered Rustic (Cupha prosope) is a medium-sized butterfly. It is seen in sunny areas, small clearings and along creeks, at the edges of thick rainforest in some coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland.

  • $1 Beautiful Butterflies - Cairns Birdwing stamp 2016. * Only to be reproduced with the perforations included.

    Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) is boldly coloured and is found only in coastal and montane rainforest areas of northeast Queensland. The female of the species is the largest butterfly found in Australia, with a wingspan of around 15 to 20 centimetres.

  • $2.75 Beautiful Butterflies - Chequered Swallowtail stamp 2016. * Only to be reproduced with the perforations included.

    Chequered Swallowtail (Papilio demoleus) is a large butterfly, found in most parts of mainland Australia as well as on Lord Howe Island. Its larvae feed on a wide variety of Cullen species, groundcover plants or shrubs that occur in the arid and tropical zones of northern Australia.

The products associated with this stamp issue are a minisheet, first day cover, stamp pack, sheetlet of five $2.75 stamps, booklet of 20 x $1 self-adhesive stamps, roll of 100 x $1 self-adhesive stamps, postal and numismatic cover and a set of four maxicards.

The Beautiful Butterflies stamp issue is available from 3 May 2016 at participating Post Offices, via mail order on 1800 331 794 and online at while stocks last.

Visit the Australia Post Collectables website for an article on Beautiful Butterflies. The Australia Post Collectables website is a central resource for stamp collectors and philatelic enthusiasts across the globe.

Royal Mail may ban deliveries over ‘mail snatching’ cat

From the BBC:

A couple have been told to restrain their cat or face having their mail deliveries suspended.

Matthew Sampson was notified by Royal Mail last week of a “potential hazard” at his home in Patchway near Bristol which was “affecting deliveries”.

According to Royal Mail, Bella the cat is a “threat” to staff and has been putting “fingers at risk of injury”.

But owner Matthew Sampson, said he was “shocked” by the notice as he has “never seen her get aggressive”.

In the letter, Royal Mail states it has been “experiencing difficulties in delivering mail” to Mr Sampson’s address “because of the actions of a cat”.

It said the couple’s postman had reported that when he pushes mail through their letterbox their cat “snatches the mail and put his fingers at risk of injury”.

Source: Royal Mail may ban deliveries over ‘mail snatching’ cat – BBC News

Hunt to find men who stabbed worker in leg during ‘traumatic’ Clayhall Post Office robbery

A £10,000 reward is being offered to find two men who stabbed a staff member in the leg during a robbery at the Post Office in Fullwell Avenue, Clayhall.

Two men entered the store and jumped over the counter, where they stole a large amount of cash.

One staff member received a small stab wound in the leg, and two others were assaulted in the robbery, which happened on March 1.

Now a reward of up to £10,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the people involved.

Both men are described as black and between 18 and 25 years old.

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ATM thieves used gas canisters to blow up post office in Bristol

This is the shocking scene of devastation left after a village post office was completely obliterated when thieves armed with gas canisters targeted it this morning.

Locals living close to the post office in Shirehampton, Bristol, were woken by a huge bang at around 2.15am today.

The incident was the latest in a series of 20-plus raids on ATMs in the same area in the last year.

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Mail strike in second week in Waterloo, Crosby

From the Liverpool Echo:

THE Royal Mail said it is doing all it can to deliver post in Waterloo and Crosby as a strike by workers continued into a second week.

People living in the L22, L23 and L29 postal codes have suffered from late or non-existent deliveries since Tuesday after a walk-out by staff.

It appears the strike, by members of the Communication Workers Union, has not been officially balloted, making the industrial action illegal.

Mail collections are continuing.

UK: Labour Party leader says Royal Mail should be brought back into public ownership

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has argued for the Royal Mail to be brought back into public ownership and warned that the Post Office is under increasing threat.

He won loud applause from delegates at the annual conference of the Communication Workers Union with a passionate defence of keeping post offices open and defending the universal postal service.

“The best thing would be for Royal Mail and the Post Office to be brought back together in public ownership, not the system of ownership we have at present.”

Mr Corbyn said the Post Office seemed to be under increasing threat, as more branches were franchised, hitting rural communities and access to services for older people as well as terms and conditions of workers.

Postal workers were the “lifeblood” of communities, regarded as a friend, he said, adding: Ïf we lose it and it breaks up and have fewer High Street post offices, we have lost something that pioneers fought for.

Source: Royal Mail should be brought back into public ownership, Jeremy Corbyn says –

Never mind banking- Finland’s postal workers will mow your lawn

From the BBC:

Finland’s postal service will be doing more than just delivering letters and parcels this summer – its workers will be mowing lawns, too.

The state-owned Posti company is offering a weekly grass cutting service, with customers able to choose either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of lawn-mowing time, the national broadcaster YLE reports.

It will only be available on Tuesdays, though, as the volume of post tends to be lighter than on other days, and customers will have to provide their own lawnmower. They’ll also have to be willing to pay 65 euros a month for the half-hour sessions.

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Australia Post Drone Delivery Trial Takes Flight

Australia Post will be the first major parcels and logistics company in the country to trial new technology to deliver small parcels by Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), or ‘drone’, to provide customers with even more choice on how and when they receive their online shopping.

This closed-field trial is an important next step in testing the new technology which will potentially deliver small parcels safely and securely to customers’ homes, allowing for faster transportation of time critical items like medication.

Australia Post Managing Director and Group CEO Ahmed Fahour said this is just one of many innovations the organisation is exploring, with Australia’s eCommerce and online shopping sector experiencing double-digit growth over the past five years.

“Australia Post has been adapting to changing customer needs and new technological advancements for over 200 years. This trial is another exciting example of how we’re looking to the future with emerging technologies to make life easier for our customers,” Mr Fahour said. Continue reading