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Montreal resident a magnet for Russian mail

Canada-Post-If you’re expecting mail from Russia and are wondering where it is, it’s possible Montreal resident Julie Delporte found it in her mailbox.

Delporte’s Rosemont address turned into something of a clearing house for mail sent from Russia to Canada last week.

Along with a postcard from her friend in St. Petersburg, Delporte received a bundle of postcards and letters destined for addresses all across Canada.

“Canada Post decided to deliver a week’s worth of mail from Russia to Canada to my mailbox,” she told Radio-Canada.

Canada Post did not return Radio-Canada’s queries for more information.

The postal workers union said there might have been a problem with a mail sorting machine.

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Canada Post wants a doctor’s note and your medical history if you want home mail delivery

Canada Post, like the US Postal Service, is trying to eliminate door to door mail delivery- but the Canadian agency is being much more aggressive- they’ve told people who want an exemption fro the community mail box requirement that they’ll need to provide specific details of their disability, and give their medical history to postal officials:

Canada Post has confirmed it will require medical information from people who have indicated they’re physically unable to get their mail once home delivery ends.

It’s sending questionnaires to people who’ve indicated they can’t pick up their mail from a community box.

Canada Post said the organization needs to know the specifics of a person’s disability — including medical history — to find the best solution for everyone.

Doctors aren’t happy:

… the president of the Canadian Medical Association Louis Francescutti said this request will cost patients money, as well as needlessly expose them to other sick patients.

Francescutti said this decision was made without any consultation with the CMA, calling it “totally irresponsible.”

“For Canada Post to suggest a whole new onslaught of Canadians are going to be visiting physicians offices, forcing physicians to make a decision about whether a patient is disabled or not able to get to a mailbox, is unrealistic,” he said.

… and neither are advocates for the disabled:

Kelly White, with the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities Newfoundland and Labrador, said Canada Post should look into getting more input from people with disabilities and providing an optional self-registry instead.

“Why Canada Post needs to know, as they say, what’s wrong with us, or what can be fixed, or why we need special services. They don’t need to know our medical history,” she said.

“We don’t want to be sharing information about ourselves any more than you do.”

White added she thinks there are some rather large loopholes in the idea.

“Persons who are going through cancer treatments, persons going through other terminal illnesses, we have people aging every single day, people who break their legs. How do we control this? How does Canada Post say, ‘Sorry, you don’t fit our mandate and you don’t have this so we can’t do this for you,’” she said.

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Generous Ontario widow flooded with charity junk mail

Angela Mior is a generous woman. She offers grappa and espresso to her guests. She takes care of stray cats. At 88 and living on a small pension, she typically gives hundreds of dollars a year to charity.

But even she has limits. And right now, Canada’s charitable sector is testing those limits.

In the last two months alone, 51 different non-profits have sent Angela letters soliciting donations. Some days, they spill out of her mailbox. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has contributed 11 envelopes to the haul. Several other charities have chipped in five or more.

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Analyst sees Royal Mail share price sinking further

From IFA Magazine:

Royal Mail Group’s (RMG) stock was dented on Tuesday by comments from Credit Suisse, which said it sees ‘no near-term positive catalysts’ for the postal company.

The bank slashed its target price for the shares from 460p to 360p as it kept an ‘underperform’ recommendation, saying that RMG’s margin targets this year ‘will be difficult to achieve’.

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Royal Mail rolls out ‘click and collect’ to small and medium sized businesses

Royal Mail is rolling out its “click and collect” Post Office service to 20,000 British small and medium sized businesses SMEs as part of plans to bolster its UK parcel business.

The move will mean that SMEs can give their customers the option of collecting goods from any one of the company’s 10,500 post office branches.

Britain’s online shopping boom has resulted in Royal Mail enjoying a rise in its parcel revenues, which now accounts for more than half of its total business. This has partly offset the decline in letter writing.

However, last month the recently privatised business warned that its parcels business was suffering due to competition from online retailer Amazon, which is also its biggest customer.

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Rivals’ unfair advantage contributes to Royal Mail shares plunge

How are those super, soaraway Royal Mail shares doing? Not so soaraway. Priced at 330p at flotation, the stock hit 600p in January but touched 415p this week, the lowest they have traded. The market has had a serious rethink about prospects.

This does not mean business secretary Vince Cable was right all along about the Royal Mail’s valuation. The silliness of privatisation lay in the sale of 60% of the shares in one go. It would have been much better to sell in stages: slip out 20% initially and allow the market, rather than ministers and civil servants led by City advisers, to assess the right price.

That argument can be put on the shelf until Lord Myners offers a view in his report on privatisations in the autumn. The question now is why Royal Mail’s shares are falling so rapidly.

Three reasons are obvious. Competition has stiffened in the parcels market across Europe; Amazon in Britain is delivering more of its parcels itself; and Royal Mail’s GLS operation in France is one of several companies suspected of anti-competitive practices.

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Italy post office says needs more funds to keep up full service

(Reuters) – Italy’s post office operator Poste Italiane, which the government has slated for privatisation, said on Tuesday it would need more funding to be able to keep up a comprehensive mail delivery service.

A 40 percent stake in the post office was due to be listed this year as part of a government drive to put stakes in several companies on sale and reduce Italy’s sky-high public debt, but the plan has run into delays, casting doubt on whether the government can meet its revenue targets.

“A comprehensive postal service is not sustainable any more, and a careful review needs to be done of its structure and how to finance it,” Poste Italiane said in a statement.

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APWU Convention Video: Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

Standing Up, Fighting Back! – Canadian Union of Postal Workers


Competition from Amazon delivery vans hits Royal Mail revenue

250px-Royal_Mail.svgShares in Royal Mail today touched their lowest level since October’s privatisation as the postal giant delivered the gloomy news that revenues at its crucial parcel division are being stymied by strong competition from Amazon.

Royal Mail placed its parcels division at the centre of its growth plans in its £3 billion flotation, claiming it was “well-positioned to benefit further from predicted levels of growth in the overall UK parcel market” and telling would-be investors that between 2013 and 2016 online shopping parcel volumes would grow by as much as 6%.

But today the postal giant blamed Amazon’s introduction of its own delivery vans, as well as it cutting the minimum order required to qualify for free delivery, for parcel revenues falling 1% in the three months to July, despite volumes rising 1%.

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Billy Hayes, UK postal union president, addresses the APWU Convention

Text of the speech by Billy Hayes, President of the Communications Workers Union (UK):

Thank you for the invitation to address your convention. A special thank you to your new President, Mark Dimondstein, for his hospitality. I am sure he will measure up to the problems you face.

I understand that your biggest campaign at the moment is against the decision of the USPS to locate counter facilities in Staples stores.

In the UK we are very familiar with such moves. Management have been transferring Crown offices facilities to WH Smith – a private retailer.

It results in fewer services and poorer working conditions. So, good luck with your campaign. Read More