Handle with care? Home surveillance camera captures mail carrier tossing package in driveway

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. – Loxahatchee resident JD Howell says he relies on his daily mail deliveries.

“We’re too busy with working right now to go out and shop even for the simplest things,” he says. “It’s just easier to have them delivered.”

For most people, picking up their mail is simple.For JD, however, it can often be an adventure. Continue reading

Video: Footage shows mail carrier chucking package onto Alabama man’s doorstep

A Jefferson County man’s surveillance camera captures glaring images of a mail carrier chucking a package onto his doorstep. In a story you’ll see only on CBS42, one man who we are going to keep anonymous says he wants this to be a constructive lesson.

He has a doorbell camera that is motion activated and he didn’t realize anything was wrong until reviewing the footage. That’s when he saw the delivery where the postal worker walks up almost to the porch and then chucks his package like a Frisbee. Continue reading