Video: Five Questions with Bo the Mailman


Louisville — Jim “Bo” Warner started his job as a mailman back in 1974.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can keep this ray of sunshine from his route or recipients.

“All 407 customers to me are family,” Warner said. “The people on my route are my family. We have cried together, laughed together, we’ve been at the hospital together, funeral homes, and they don’t want me to retire. So, as long as the Lord gives me good health and I have the energy, I’m here to stay.” Continue reading

Video: New York letter carrier fired after stealing money from cards


Savannah, N.Y. (WHAM) – State Police arrested a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail carrier Tuesday for allegedly stealing money out of cards on her route.

According to our news partners at the Times of Wayne County, Lindsay Snyder, 24, is accused of picking out what she believed to be greeting or birthday cards from customers on her route and steal any cash, or gift cards she found. Continue reading

Video: Stockton CA Hit by Increase in Mail Theft


STOCKTON — There’s an uptick in mail theft in California, according to the US Postal Service. Multiple Stockton neighborhoods are part of that trend after being hit by mail thieves throughout the last couple of months.

The most recent theft happened Sunday on Joshua Tree Circle.

Surveillance video from early Sunday shows two suspects drive up to the mailbox that’s shared by multiple homes. One pries open the mailbox and the other cleans it out. Continue reading

Video: Billings police investigate reports of mail theft, including absentee ballots

BILLINGS -The Billings Police Department is investigating recent reports of mail theft, including some absentee election ballots.

In a press release issued Friday, Lt. Neil Lawrence said there have been about 10 reported mail thefts in the past week.

Additionally, a number of residents have recently contacted the Crime Prevention Center office to report mail thefts, but did not file an actual police report, Lawrence said.

Officer Tom Keightly, Billings Crime Prevention Officer told Q2 News the incidents have been spread across Billings, from the west end, to the Heights and the city’s north side. | Q2 | Continuous News Coverage | Billings, MT

Source: Billings police investigate reports of mail theft, including abs – | Q2 | Continuous News Coverage | Billings, MT

Video: USPS ‘master key’ stolen, raises concern of mail thefts in Mill Creek WA area


MILL CREEK, Wash. – It’s a mail thief’s dream, stealing a Postal Service master key to all the mailboxes and blue collection bins in two zip codes.

On Tuesday, a mail carrier says a group of thieves started a conversation with her and distracted her long enough to grab her master key.  It happened in Mill Creek in the 98021 and 98012 zip codes. Continue reading

Video: Thousands of pieces of mail dumped in woods; USPS launches investigation


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – The United States Postal Service has launched an investigation after residents in DeKalb County reported to Channel 2 Action News seeing a worker dumping several bins of mail in the woods.

A Channel 2 Action News viewer sent Tyisha Fernandes video and photos of the mail in the woods behind a subdivision in Decatur. Continue reading

Video: Lewiston NY post office hazmat scare caused by dog repellent


LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB)- The aerosol irritant that caused seven postal workers in Lewiston to get sick was dog repellent, according to postal inspectors.

The repellent comes in a canister, which started to leak; most postal workers are issued repellent for their safety if they need to deliver mail outside.

A source tells News 4 the affected workers are all doing fine. They were initially taken to the hospital and quarantined while haz-mat crews investigated. Continue reading

Video: USPS mail truck crashes into electrical pole, comes to rest in yard in north Tulsa

TULSA – A USPS driver lost control of his truck and drove into an electrical pole on North Darlington before crashing through a fence and coming to a stop in the yard of a nearby home.

Officers say the driver was pinned by his dashboard, and firefighters had to use the jaws of life to extract him.

EMSA paramedics transported him to the hospital to get checked out. He suffered minor injuries. No one else was hurt.

Source: USPS mail truck crashes into electrical pole, comes to rest in yard in north Tulsa –

Video: Mailman appearing to pepper-spray dogs now facing charges

The mailman caught on camera spraying three lap dogs with what appears to be pepper spray has been charged.

John Brucewayne O’Veal, 21, faces three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

In video exclusive to Eyewitness News, a uniformed US Postal Service letter carrier is seen approaching a home in northwest Houston. The dogs run to a tall gate and are sprayed with what appears to be pepper spray. Their owners said they couldn’t open their eyes for 3 hours afterwards.

The dogs never seemed to pose a threat. The mailman and the mailbox were on one side. The dogs were on the other.

Source: Mailman appearing to pepper-spray dogs now facing charges |