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Video: Postal problems completely resolved at New Orleans high rise after TV news reports

When the U.S. Postal Service stopped delivering packages to a New Orleans high-rise, some residents had a tough time getting their medicine.

For the last few months, retrieving postal packages had become a hardship, until this week.

“Sometimes the mailman would leave them (packages) at the front desk, and when we come in, sometimes they would call us and say ‘come on down and get your package’ and sometimes the mailman would deliver the package right in front of the door,” explained resident Elaine Brown.

Concerned about the elderly and disabled tenants, one woman turned to the FOX 8 Defenders for action.

Two months ago, Elaine Brown shared her frustrations with the Defenders after the postal service stopped delivering all packages to the Guste high-rise.

Brown, who’s 65 and diabetic, explained how she would walk several blocks through busy intersections and in the weather to retrieve packages at the main post office on Loyola Avenue.

“Holy spirit said go to FOX 8. FOX 8 just kept coming up,” she said. Her call prompted the Defenders to get answers.

FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports
Read more: FOX 8 Defenders: Postal problems completely resolved – FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports.

Read more: FOX 8 Defenders: Postal problems completely resolved – FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports.

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Video: APWU’s Dimondstein Says Don’t Let PMG Put USPS in a Museum

“Postmaster General Donahoe is implementing one of the greatest threats to the public Postal Service to date,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein says in a new video. Standing in front of the National Postal Museum, Dimondstein adds, “This is where Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe would permanently put the public Postal Service.”

Dimondstein urges viewers to participate in a National Day of Action on Nov. 14 to stop the PMG from turning the USPS into a “relic of the past” and to tell Donahoe and the USPS Board of Governors: Stop Delaying America’s Mail!

Dimondstein: Don’t Let Postmaster General Put USPS in a Museum | APWU.


Video: How the Postal Service is helping monitor snail mail

An internal audit of the U.S. Postal Service found that it approved nearly 50,000 requests from law enforcement to monitor personal mail. Gwen Ifill sits down with Ron Nixon of The New York Times, who has been investigating this story for more than a year.

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Video: Tireless Ohio Postal Worker Retiring After 58 Years on the Job

COLUMBUS OH (Dawn Faugl) — After more than half a century, a tireless postal worker is finally ready to take a break and retire.

Moses Jamison has worked with the US Postal Service in Columbus for 58 years. Jamison says in that time, he’s seen just about anything you can imagine being shipped.

His coworkers at the Columbus Processing and Distribution Plant near the airport call him Mr. Post Office.

In those 58 years of work, Jamison has never even taken a sick day. The president of the mail handlers union says Jamison has over 5,000 hours of sick leave earned over his career. "You feel bad and everything, but you’re taught and raised ‘still got to work, still got to eat,’" Jamison said.

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Video: PMG discusses Election Mail, packages in latest State of the Business message to employees

The Postal Service will be ready for the surge in election-related mail during the next two weeks, PMG Pat Donahoe says in his latest video message to employees:

▶ State of the Business October 22, 2014 – YouTube.


Video: Mail theft in Denver caught on camera

DENVER – Police have arrested a woman who is believed to have been stealing mail in the Highlands area.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, is believed to have been caught stealing mail on surveillance video on Wednesday.

"It’s a violation of your privacy, right? No one should have their fingers in your mailbox," homeowner Allison Earnest said. "It’s really frustrating and it’s especially frustrating when it’s in the middle of the day." Read More


Video: Fumes from package at Humble TX Post Office send 7 workers to hospital

HUMBLE, Texas –

Seven employees at the Humble Post Office were transported to the hospital Tuesday after strong odors or fumes from a package caused them to experience various medical issues.

The Humble Police Department was contacted about 11:35 a.m. requesting an ambulance. Humble EMS responded to the scene and found employees complaining of scratchy throats, watery and burning eyes, nausea and headaches.

The workers were taken to Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital for treatment. All have since been discharged.

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The post office was evacuated and a HazMat team was brought in to sweep the building. They located a package that contained cinnamaldahyde, an organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor. The non-hazardous substance has various uses, including being used in electric and vapor-type cigarettes.

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Video: Royal Mail faces mounting challenges

Oct 17, 2014 : FT management editor Andrew Hill visits Royal Mail’s parcels and letters operations across the UK to find out how well the postal service has performed under chief executive Moya Greene since its privatisation a year ago and to assess the mounting challenges facing it.

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Video: Baby’s life rests in hands of US Postal Service


It is a matter of life and death. A terminally ill Bonners Ferry infant needs specific medical supplies to survive but his mother claims the mail carrier won’t deliver them.

Baby James Grady was born with more birth defects than you can count on your hands, as well as a genetic disorder, Fanconi’s Anemia, that will eventually lead to bone marrow failure.

Now Grady is facing a whole new battle for her son. His medical supplies are not being delivered to their home, even prompting an emergency trip to the ER. Her first thought was the medical supply company was to blame, but after she had the company track the shipment, “She said, it’s ready to be shipped out from the post office today, and as soon as she said post office I was like, ‘Oh.'”

Since moving to Bonners Ferry in May 2013 Grady has had issues receiving her mail. Her landlord, who is also her neighbor, says the issues started because the mail carrier was afraid of his border collie. Desperate for these medical supplies, Grady went to the post office to get answers.

“I was crying profusely I was like, ‘You don’t understand, I need my supplies,'” said Grady.

If she hadn’t gone to the Post Office to pick up the supplies, they were going to be shipped back to Spokane. All the postal worker could tell her was her home was deemed as “not deliverable to this address.”

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Video: Mail service stalls (again) in Alaska North Slope whaling village

Mail service has temporarily stopped in the Inupiat village of Kaktovik, an ongoing problem as the Postal Service struggles to find permanent postal clerks in some remote Alaska communities.

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