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Video: That E-mail’s Not From The Post Office

U.S. Postal Inspectors have an important warning for you. Do NOT open any email claiming to be from the US Postal service. The email may contain a dangerous computer virus.

U.S. Postal Inspector Tammy Mayle said, “Postal customers were receiving an email that says they had a package ready for pick up at the postal office.” The email looked official. It had the U.S. Postal Service logo and contained a note saying: “Our courier couldn’t make the delivery of parcel today.” Read More


Video: Detroit couple believes letter carrier won’t deliver because they’re gay

DETROIT (WJBK) – Prevost Street in Detroit is usually a dumping ground for trash, stripped cars and tossed tires has now been cleaned.

James Lawson and his husband Theodore Washington say the mayor’s office has been helpful in removing more than 40 loads of trash, putting up new street lights and cleaning the streets.

Fox 2 News Headlines

But the two say, despite their efforts to clean up the city they love, their mail carrier refuses to deliver to their residence because they have the only house on the street. They say they haven’t received mail in three weeks after they received a notice their mail was suspended permanently.

Not receiving the mail is dangerous for Lawson because he has cancer and is not always getting his medication and is beginning to miss doctor appointments.

They say when their street was covered in garbage they still received their mail, and say that the mail still gets delivered everywhere but their home.

The couple says when they called the post office they were asked “to move.”

The couple says the moment their mail carrier discovered they were gay, the mail stopped coming. They say the mail carrier has also made derogatory comments to their neighbors.

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Video: Postal “reform” proposals drawing consumer anger

SAN DIEGO – The Postal Reform Act hopes to revamp the financially-strapped U.S. Postal Service, which last year posted a $5 billion loss, but two proposals in particular are drawing negative attention.

One is a proposal to stop Saturday delivery and the other would be to stop home mail delivery altogether.

"Buried in the bill is a section that would create cluster mail boxes for all neighborhoods, and that’s just not a practical solution," said local Rep. Susan Davis.

Davis has introduced a resolution to block the cluster box idea and to block any attempt to for the post office to charge a fee for continued home delivery.

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Video: Last post- US mail service winds down in Afghanistan

Even in the age of emails and Internet video chatting, there’s nothing like a parcel or a letter from home for US soldiers on deployment in Afghanistan.

The incoming mail at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Lightning consists of everything from televisions and T-shirts to golf balls — and still plenty of handwritten envelopes from family and friends.

But the mail service is winding down in parallel with the pullout of US combat troops after 13 years of war and, as bases close, so too do the post offices.

Troops at FOB Lightning have been rushing to send out carpets, scarves, trinkets and other souvenirs in their last chance to use the mail depot before it shuts and is replaced by an occasional delivery-only service.

Mail will still get through, but it could be less reliable as the US force shrinks from the current 44,000 troops to a 10,000-strong follow-up mission next year.

“The mail service is like Christmas time. I’m like Santa,” said Sergeant Michael Claggett, from Fort Hood Texas, who works at FOB Lightning post office in the volatile eastern province of Paktia.

“When I have mail, it’s a good day. When I don’t have mail, it’s not so positive for everyone.

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Video: USPS tracks 1 billion events per day- How the Internet changed mail

The United States Postal Service has changed significantly since the advent of Internet e-commerce, and those technological changes have been at times both disruptive and also profitable for the government agency. TheCUBE hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante sat down with the postal service’s CIO Jim Cochrane to talk about some of those advancements in postal technology and some of the challenges such a large organization faces.

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Letter carrier says she was assaulted over missing mail, but DC police tell different story

WASHINGTON – A U.S. Postal Worker says she was assaulted by two women in a dispute over missing mail, but D.C. police tell a different story. They say she was the aggressor and the suspect instead, and that she may have called friends for help before officers arrived.

Mia Williams works out of the USPS facility on Benning Road NE. On Tuesday afternoon as she was out delivering mail in the Lincoln Heights area of D.C., she claims she was assaulted by two women who were angry about mail that was allegedly delivered to the wrong place and was missing.


Punches were thrown, and Mia went to the hospital. But in a public report on the incident, D.C. police say Williams lashed out first, and hit a pregnant woman in the face.

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Video shows Atlanta mail carrier throwing fragile package onto home’s doorstep

ATLANTA — For all the challenges the U.S. Postal Service is facing, trying to compete and stay in business, a homeowner’s outdoor surveillance video will not help.The video shows how one mail carrier delivered one package in Atlanta on Monday, when he might have thought no one would be watching.The mail carrier, based that day at the 30306 post office in Virginia Highland, in Northeast Atlanta, displayed an indelicate style of delivery that, at least in this one instance, is a reminder to all — when boxing up anything fragile to send, don’t skimp on the bubble wrap.

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Caught on camera: Postal worker throws package across driveway


Snow, rain, sleet or hail, you know the rest. But one mail carrier’s not-so-careful handling of a package was caught on camera and it has the man on the receiving end left with a box of damaged goods.

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In a five-second video clip captured from Martin Garret’s home security cameras in Sienna Plantation, you kind of get the feeling the mail carrier caught on camera is not having a very good day. She walks up to the edge of his yard and throws a package on his concrete driveway.

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Video Update: Federal Lawmakers call for action on Cape Girardeau delayed mail

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO KFVS -I’ve heard from dozens of you after last week’s I-Team report on claims that your mail is being intentionally delayed.

From late bills and birthday cards, to missing shipments medication, many of you have noticed a change in delivery times.Now, the search for answers stretches all the way to our nation’s Capitol.

I pressed US Postal Service spokeswoman Stacy St. John for a reason as to why USPS does not think there’s a problem here in Cape Girardeau.

She told me they regret the workers in my story “damaged the integrity of their workforce.”

KFVS12 News

Senator Roy Blunt says he supports calls for the OIG to conduct an investigation into delays at the Cape Girardeau Processing Center and sent a letter to that effect Thursday.

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Video: Louisville post office employee accused of hiding, throwing away mail

LOUISVILLE, Ky. WDRB — A Louisville teen hired by the U.S. Post Office to deliver mail is in trouble with the law after he allegedly hid it or threw it in the trash.

According to court documents, 19-year-old Malcolm Julian failed to properly deliver mail on his route between July 11, 2014 and July 14, 2014. Julian is also accused of discarding undelivered mail in two separate locations. Julian’s supervisors at the Post Office became aware of the issue after receiving reports of people finding undelivered mail from Julian’s route.

When confronted, he allegedly admitted to discarding some of the undelivered mail, keeping the rest at his residence.

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