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Video: The postman never rings at Queens apartment building- until a TV reporter show up

OZONE PARK, Queens (PIX11) – For almost four months, postal carriers have been passing by 97-05 103rd Ave., an apartment building in Ozone Park, Queens, without making any attempt to deliver the mail. The tenants have been forced to go to the local post office, 10 blocks aways, to pick up their mail. Why?

Landlords Mike Tummolo and his son Mike Jr. say instead of the postman carrying keys to open the front doors of the apartment buildings on his route, as he used to, in November the Postal Service began requiring a box on the outside of the apartment buildings where the key to the front door could be kept. The Tummolos put the box in, but the Postal Service said it’s too far away from the door. The landlords says they were never told where the box had to be and it’s too cold to move it now.

“The cement doesn’t set well when it’s that cold”, said Mike, Jr., who sought to work out a middle ground with the post office to ensure delivery, and then move the box when the weather got better.

But the postal service said no, and has refused to deliver mail to the building ever since. The surveillance cameras show the carriers walking past the building, past the key keeper box, never stopping.

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Video: asbestos found at Virginia post office, mail being inspected

GLADE SPRING, VA (WJHL) – An electrical fire forced a Southwest Virginia town to find another place to process mail. But another problem was discovered at the Glade Spring Post Office.

On Friday afternoon, firefighters made quick work of the electrical fire at the post office.

Glade Spring’s Assistant Fire Chief Ricky Stumbo gave News Channel 11 more information. He said, "our understanding is that the ceiling of that facility is full of asbestos."

Asbestos that might have contaminated the people of Glade Spring’s mail.

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Video: tax payments burn in yet another LLV fire

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -A viewer contacted Channel 4 after receiving an email that he believed to be suspicious.
The email told the recipient that if they had recently mailed their property tax payment, they might need to send another check.

The email claimed to be from the city of Belle Meade. It said a mail truck that delivers mail to their office had caught fire.

The viewer believed it was a scam. Turns out, it was true.

A postal carrier’s truck burned completely on Harding Road on Wednesday morning. The mail carrier was fine, but that wasn’t the case for all of the mail and packages inside, including the mail that was about to be delivered to Belle Meade’s city hall.

WSMV Channel 4

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Video: Illinois post office armed robbery suspect in custody

Police say an arrest warrant was issued for a Viola, Illinois man in connection with an armed robbery at the Taylor Ridge Post Office that took place in January.

According to a statement from Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos, an arrest warrant for 39-year-old Walker L. Hampton of Viola was issued Friday, February 27, 2015.

Previous reports indicate that on Saturday, January 24, two employees were present when a male with a handgun went into the post office and demanded money. The male did reportedly get away with some money.

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Video: Spokane mailman attacked on his delivery route

SPOKANE, Wash. — A mailman working on the lower South Hill was attacked Tuesday night while on his delivery route.

The mail carrier was on his regular route on 5th Avenue when he came to a building to deliver the mail. He went inside to go to the mailboxes when someone came out of an apartment and attacked him.

Poster Service workers on shift Thursday afternoon said they are not scared after one of their own was assaulted.

"When isolated things like this happen, you really can’t let it affect what you’re doing in your work day," said David Lantz, Mail Carrier.

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Video: How this winter is challenging your mail carrier

HARTFORD – Whether it’s the bone-chilling cold we’re facing now or the scorching heat we sweat through in the summer, the letter carriers for the United States Postal Service brave the elements to make sure we get our mail.

Paul Crooks is one of those carriers in Hartford, delivering mail for 24 years. Each morning, he brings the mail to an estimated 500 homes in the city.

“Every day is like a little snow globe for me,” Crooks said, describing his typical winter day.

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Video: USPS Oakland plant finally changes 911 policy that may have cost employee’s life

The United States Postal Service (USPS) changed an outdated emergency policy in January following an NBC Bay Area investigation that exposed critical delays in a life and death situation at a mail processing facility in Oakland.

The policy, dating back to the 1970s, advised postal service employees not to call 911 first when they witnessed a medical emergency and instead instructed them to call the onsite postal police unit. The policy stated “Only the postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure.”

The USPS adopted a new 911 policy in the Oakland facility at the beginning of the year. The first line now states “In an emergency, anyone should immediately call 911.”

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Video: Ohio letter carrier accused of using drugs on the job

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — Was a local postal carrier delivering more than just the mail?

He faces charges, accusing him of using drugs on the job.

Bennie James Motley III, 20, of Maple Heights was charged Tuesday with drug trafficking, theft and possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Police say he was a postal carrier, working out of the branch in Chagrin Falls.  Investigators say on February 12th, his supervisors called Chagrin Falls police, suspecting him of using drugs, possibly while on the job.

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Video: Mail theft on the rise in one Seattle neighborhood

SEATTLE, Wash. — There’s a troubling crime on the rise in King County, and residents in one North Seattle neighborhood have had enough.

"It makes you really uncomfortable," said Heather Campbell, who lives in Seattle’s Pinehurst neighborhood. "It’s one of those things that you don’t know how to protect against."

The postal inspector says mail thefts are on the rise, especially in Pinehurst. Just last week several neighbors received a notice from the Seattle Police Department that their mail had been found inside a stolen car in another county. The mail was returned to the its owners by police. Neighbor Lisa Lotus says a check and her W2 form was stolen out of her mailbox.

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Video: Danny Glover fights to save US Postal Service

U.S. Postal Workers gained a star partner in their fight to save the national mail carrying institution. Ed Schultz welcomed actor Danny Glover and Mark Dimonstein, President of the American Postal Workers Union, to The Ed Show last night: