Mail carriers making a difference during trying time

WILLIAMSBRIDGE, the Bronx — Bronx mail carrier Melinda Hammond learned over the last 2 months she’s a lot stronger than she once thought.

“We’ve had our trying times here in Williamsbridge,” Hammond told PIX11 News.

As New Yorkers stayed home and small shops closed, the Postal Service continued delivering the mail.

“Even in a pandemic we’re still going strong to provide the service that you need,” Hammond said.

Hammond keeps the essentials moving, “the medicine, the disinfectant, the masks.”

Inside the East Gun Hill Road Post Office, “we lost a great deal of people in one single moment,” Hammond explained.

“We went from having about 60 carriers in, to 30 or even 20.”

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Ongoing issues detailed between the Indianapolis mail carrier shot while on the job and certain neighbors

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