Update: Residents demand crackdown after drag racers critically injure beloved letter carrier

HOUSTON – Residents are fed up with street racing in their neighborhood and are demanding something be done after their beloved, longtime mail carrier was struck by a driver allegedly drag racing.

The crash happened Saturday on Scott street in southeast Houston.

“It didn’t sound like two cars clashing,” said Sharon, a witness. “It sounded like a bomb.”

Cynthia Sanders says two trucks were racing down Scott street near Cullen Middle School when one of them T-boned a U.S. Postal Service truck, sending the neighborhood’s longtime, well-known and well-liked postal carrier to the hospital in critical condition.

“Devastating,” said Sharon. “It shouldn’t have happened to a person like her, or anybody.”

“Her leg is severely injured. She has a large gash, and they just stood there,” said Sanders, of the two drivers allegedly involved. “They didn’t try to render aid to the lady or anything.”

Police arrested the two men at the scene.

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Video: Mailbox Theft Plagues Vallejo CA Residents

VALLEJO (CBS SF) — A recent rash of mailbox thefts has compromised more than 300 people’s deliveries in Vallejo and now residents are waiting in lines to pick up packages at the post office.

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating the thefts.

“It’s a shame,” said mailbox owner Larry Greg.

The post office inspector says there have been 23 reported burglaries in the Vallejo and American Canyon area since February 1st and likely more unreported.

Crooks are breaking open some boxes, picking the locks on others and possibly using a counterfeit master key. Once inside, they’ve got your mail, and all the information that comes with it.

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Video: Problems with mail delivery continue for Orange County FL residents

Some residents in Orange County said they’ve stopped trusting the postal service and said their mail has been disappearing for months.

They said they’re fed up with having to wonder whether letters and packages are being lost in a black hole.

Resident Linda Rosetta said all she gets is junk mail and everything else gets returned to sender.

“I’m just tired of it,” she said.

After asking why her mail never makes it to her home, she said she was told there’s a long-term hold on her address.

“(I asked) who did it? They tell me Linda Rosetta. I said, ‘I am Linda.’ Show me proof,” she said. “He couldn’t show me a signature.”

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Video: Pasadena Letter Carrier Pepper Sprayed in Possible Road Rage Incident

A 23-year veteran postal carrier was pepper-sprayed in what Pasadena police were calling a possible road rage attack Wednesday. Police were searching for the woman who attacked her.

YWCA workers came to the woman’s aid after what she called an unprovoked attack as she delivered mail at 10:30 a.m. on Lake Street.

“We started hearing shouting out on the front street,” Jessica Kubel, who works at the YWCA, said. “The shouting got louder and more aggressive with a lot of really awful racial slurs.”

Kubel said she went out to the patio area of the YWCA, and was shocked. Continue reading

Video: Maine Islanders want former mailman back

SWANS ISLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Over the past few weeks, people living on two islands off the coast of Mount Desert Island have been having trouble getting their mail. Frenchboro, for instance, is only getting mail service two days a week.

They say it’s because the post office couldn’t come to an agreement with the man who carried letters and packages to Swans Island and Frenchboro for decades. That has upset a lot of people who see the former mailman, LJ Hopkins, as family.

For 27 years he’s been delivering mail here, part of a family tradition that goes back 60 years. A tradition that came to an end two weeks ago.

Video: security camera helps cops nab California package thief

SAN MARCOS (CBS 8) – Sheriff’s deputies confirmed Tuesday they identified the woman caught on camera stealing packages outside of a San Marcos home.

Just one day after the surveillance video was released, the Sheriff’s Department confirmed the case had been solved and is now in the district attorney’s office. The Sheriff’s Department are withholding the name of the suspect.

Surveillance video taken in March showed the woman knock on the door of a home in the 2500 block of Corbel Way and then try to hide her face with a piece of paper. Then, the woman walks off with two large boxes, which were worth about $100.

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

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Video: Stolen mail truck in Oakland recovered, mail gone

OAKLAND (KRON) — Think of all the sensitive material you get in the mail–bank statements, credit card bills, maybe even your tax refund, or cash from grandma for your birthday.

Stealing mail is a federal offense, as is stealing an entire United States Postal Service mail truck.

On Tuesday night, KRON has learned that someone stole one in Oakland, and all the mail that was in it, about to be delivered, was also gone.

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Video: Suspect accused of ‘fishing’ more than $20,000 worth of checks from collection boxes

Caught on camera: A crook fishing at a mailbox in Pierce County, Washington.

Check out the video below where U.S. Postal Inspectors say Daniel Anderson rolls up to a blue collection box and immediately casts out some type of fishing line or other type of wire string with a device attached to it that’s sticky with something and then one by one for the next several minutes, he pulls out mail.

“Daniel has racked up a substantial amount of loss, approximately $23,000 in cashed checks, from stealing mail from blue collection boxes using a technique we refer to as ‘fishing’ where he throws a device inside the box and pulls the mail out and that’s a problem, you know you’re mail should be safe in a blue collection box,” says U.S. Postal Inspector Jeremy Leder.

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Video: Army veteran wins lawsuit to get USPS career status back

MARIETTA, Ga. —A Marietta Army veteran says she was forced to go to court to get her job back when she returned from serving her country.

Jessica Rice was a mail carrier with the United States Postal Service before she joined the military.

Jessica Rice was in the Army for four and a half years, serving two tours in Afghanistan.

Rice was in the Army for four and a half years, serving two tours in Afghanistan. When she came home to Georgia in 2012, she tried to get her job back, but was told there were no open positions available.

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