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Video: UPS worker throws packages, urinates on house

HOUSTON – It’s behavior you would never expect from a UPS worker and it’s all caught on camera.

The worker dumps the packages he’s delivering and then decides to relieve himself.

"I don’t know how UPS trains their employees to go to the bathroom, but probably not someone’s yard," said Ben Lucas, the homeowner.

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Video: Man’s exotic fruit package rots after being delivered late by postal service

As you know, it can be risky to put something fragile in the mail, but what about something that can rot?

An East Bay man with fruit trees in his yard often mails produce to relatives, but one shipment didn’t quite make it.

This case is a little unusual because it provides a good lesson about what to expect from Priority Mail and whether it’s wise to mail fruit.

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Video: The Police Force Behind the USPS

The U.S. Postal Service moves millions of packages and letter every single day, and The List’s Brien McElhatten discovered a little known police force that keep it all running smoothly and safely.

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Video: A job that really delivers

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Monday, Dec. 15, is the busiest day of the year for deliveries, making an already tough job, even more challenging.

They work in the rain, the snow, and everything in between. Mail carriers are a hearty bunch, and right now the USPS is looking for some more help.

To get a taste of this job we met up with Dan Lidduck, a 17-year veteran mail carrier who still loves his job. Yet which part he likes might surprise you.

Lidduck said about the cold weather, "I like it outside. These days are better."

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Video: Former Missouri mail carrier now delivering doughnuts


An 81-year-old Bloomfield, Missouri man delivers doughnuts to more than 100 people each week. The retired mail carrier said delivering is just what he does.

Billy Lee’s delivery route starts in Dexter every Friday at 7 a.m. Lee carries very precious packages. The doughnuts are individually wrapped with paper towels and hand delivered.

“He does it every week,” one doughnut recipient said.

From offices to homes to local shops, everyone is sure glad to see him.

KFVS12 News

“I think Bill is a great guy doing all this,” one shop owner said.

Billy said he’s been delivering for around 50 years total. For about 40 years he carried mail, then he switched to something sweeter.

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Army Vet mailing Christmas money to son in Air Force claims postal worker stole $150

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.– An Army veteran discovers a gift card he mailed to his son in the Air Force was stolen and used at an Oklahoma City Chinese restaurant.

The veteran believes a postal worker may be responsible.

The grandfather says he took extra steps in an attempt to make sure his Christmas card didn’t go missing. But it did, even after he allegedly put it directly in a mail drop box inside the post office.

Now, he wants to find the person who went on a shopping spree with his family’s Christmas money.

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Video: South Bend IN residents missing mail for two weeks

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Residents in the River Park area of South Bend have been missing mail for about two weeks. While most of the things that land in your mailbox tend to be junk, some are finding that important bills are slipping through the cracks.

“I have a gas bill I still haven’t received,” Jackie Hagedorn, a River Park resident said. “I always pay my bills on time so yeah, I’m upset.”

While plenty of bills can be paid online now, paper billings serve as a reminder to pay those bills. So now, residents are missing due dates that they never missed before.

“I had actually missed a bill and I had never been late on a bill,” Shea Wallace, River Park resident said. “They called me and I was totally caught off guard. I thought maybe it got lost in the mail.”

Some residents believe the mail mishap may be due to the fact that they don’t have a regular mail carrier.

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Video: Thieves waiting for packages left on your doorstep

A homeowner’s surveillance camera is recording from the front porch as the family waited for a package to be delivered. The effort pays off because the camera captures a suspect approaching the house. Another angle shows the man sitting on the ground to open the package, and then quickly leaving. Read More


Video: Philadelphia business owner feels let down by USPS EDDM mailing


A small business owner is trying to hang on. He’s had to cut an employee’s hours and is now hustling for every dime after an attempt to boost his business fails miserably.

He says the U.S. Postal Service let him down. FOX 29 Investigates’ Jeff Cole has been working the story.

Jerrell Love is proud of the heating oil and HVAC company he has built from the ground up. The hands-on owner employs three drivers, a service tech and an office manager.

As the cold weather approached, Love wanted to drum up some new business.

Rather than hire people to walk door-to-door, like he used to do with strong results, Jerrell aimed for wider reach by showing some love to the U. S. Postal Service.

A friend suggested trying Every Door Direct Mail, a service that the struggling postal service – now billions of dollars in debt – started in 2011 to fight off competitors.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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Video: Shots Fired at Little Rock Postal Worker, 16-Year-Old Arrested

LITTLE ROCK, AR – A 16-year-old was arrested and accused of shooting at a mail carrier in Little Rock.

Isaac Tate faces a charge of aggravated assault after a mail carrier told police she had guns pointed in her direction and rounds fired at her.

"I have three small children so it does kind of worry me a little bit," says Jeff Martin.

The sound of gun shots in Jeff Martin’s neighborhood have become an uncomfortable familiarity.

"Random shots just, I mean, just about every single day of the week," says Martin.

But according to Little Rock Police certain shots fired on Tuesday afternoon didn’t just go in the air.

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