Video: USPS in no hurry to reopen flood damaged post offices in Texas

GRIMES & BRAZOS COUNTY – The U.S. Postal Service says they will not rush reopening the Iola and Kurten post offices.

Both locations have been closed since flooding occurred in May.At least 200 people who have rented boxes at the offices, are now advised to travel to North Zulch to pick up their mail.

Customers we spoke with today are fed up with the commute.

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Video: Mail thieves hit southwest Reno community

US Postal Service investigators are going to the Southwest Vistas, sticking notices in every unit, warning them of a recent mail theft.

“They’re either looking for cash, checks, credit cards or banking or financial information,” said Warren Heister, US Postal Service inspector.

Thieves will get their hands on that treasure any way they can. Three separate community mail boxes were pried open and damaged.

Source: Mail thieves hit southwest Reno community


Hot Jobs: A day in the life of a mail carrier


BRYAN, Texas — The Texas heat is unavoidable, especially when your profession requires you work outside all day. 

Jay Bates has served as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service (USPS) for 10 years. Working six days a week and close to 300 days out of the year, the job can be demanding. 

“You get wore out as the day goes on delivering mail,” said Bates. “You have to make sure you keep drinking water so you don’t get dehydrated out here.” Mail carriers in Bryan, Texas deliver nearly half-million pieces of mail every week, according to a USPS spokesman. Before they hit the streets, carriers must load and organize their truck’s load, including packages letters and flats.  Continue reading

Video: Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman

SAN ANTONIO — Seven months after a mailman accidentally destroyed her family’s mailbox, Jeannette Guerra-Moya is still waiting for the United States Postal Service to buy her a new one.

“They should hold their employees accountable for what they do. We pay our taxes too, we want to have nice looking things for our home,” Guerra-Moya said Wednesday, describing the $150 mailbox that tore away from its pedestal as a mailman attempted to jam a package through its mail slot last December.

Guerra-Moya said she had just purchased the mailbox so her husband’s prescriptions could be placed inside it through a safety door, instead of left on the front porch of the family’s home in the 400 block of Vincent Street.

Source: Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman


Video: Neighbors in Colorado community report problems with mail delivery for 2 years

ARVADA, Colo. — Residents in west Arvada asked the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers for help in an ongoing problem with the U.S. Postal Service.

Neighbors who live in the Leyden Rock community said packages have been lost, and personal mail and bills have been delivered to the wrong people. They said it has been an ongoing problem for the past couple of years.

The mailboxes are set up along different spots throughout the neighborhood. It’s a standard box with numbers corresponding to certain addresses. The paper mail goes in those boxes, and packages are left in larger boxes below with the key left in the resident’s box.

Source: Neighbors report problems with mail delivery for 2 years | FOX31 Denver

Video: Postal Inspector on Bakersfield mailbox thefts- ‘We’re looking at better security’


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — After dozens of mailbox thefts, many Bakersfield neighbors say they’re frustrated that more isn’t being done to stop the break-ins.

A U.S. Postal Service inspector said his department is working on better security, but that effort takes time.

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Video: Texas letter carrier wants protection from mosquitos, Zika virus

SAN ANTONIO- The Texas Department of State Health services announced it will be having a statewide Zika workshop in McAllen on Wednesday. For people who work outside, concern about the mosquito-borne virus is especially high. Take mail carriers, for example. One mail carrier is fighting to make sure they’re provided with mosquito repellent.

For a mail carrier, this is their office, the great outdoors. And with that can come some hazards.

“For letter carriers who deliver out in this, this is our office, and we are constantly being bitten by mosquitoes and there is a possibility that a pregnant woman or someone who may want children may get bitten by a mosquito and get infected with the Zika virus,” says, Vice President for the National Association of Letter Carriers in San Antonio

Richard Gould is representing a local mail carrier who recently filed a complaint with OSHA after not being provided mosquito repellent.

Source: Mail carrier wanting protection from mosquitos | KABB


Video: USPS halts delivery for six weeks after cluster box breakin- resumes after TV news report

In April, the letter carrier wasn’t the only one who opened the mailboxes at the New Horizons condo complex.

Thieves forced open the mailboxes and destroyed the locks.Resident John Shirley stood before the mailboxes and pointed to banks of them.

“This was open, and this was open, and this was open,” he said.

Mail service stopped- for six weeks.

We reached out to the Postal Service. Within two days, it delivered. The boxes were fixed.

Source: Home Mail Delivery Halted For Six Weeks | NBC Bay Area