Top stories of the week September 29-October 5

  1. Loss of Parcel Select business could hit USPS hard, consultancy says
  2. OPM Announces 2020 Health, Dental, and Vision Program Premiums
  3. Mississippi RCA Sentenced for Delay of U.S. Mail
  4. Electronic Signatures Coming to USPS Deliveries
  5. New Details: 22-year-old shot postal worker ‘multiple times’ with what was believed to be an AR-15
  6. Congressman Blasts Fake GOP Census Mailers in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District-Demands that U.S. Postal Service investigate
  7. That’s not dynamite in your mailbox. That’s an ad from a local realtor
  8. South Dakota postal worker charged with theft of mail
  9. Defendant sentenced for a second time for using counterfeit checks to buy United States Postage Stamps
  10. NAPS Chat podcast with Congressman Michael Bost (R-IL)