Top stories of the week June 10-16

  1. Update: Trump’s executive orders attacking federal employees don’t apply to USPS 
  2. Court Orders Former South Dakota Postmaster to Pay $353K for stealing $9K from USPS 
  3. Democrats Correct the Record on Donald Trump’s Attacks on Amazon, USPS 
  4. Jury Convicts Texas Postal Worker in Workers Comp Fraud Scheme 
  5. Texas Man Fighting Back After Postal Service Stops Delivering to His House 
  6. Senators Urge OPM Director Not to Balance Budget On Backs of Federal Workforce 
  7. Zoinks! Everyone’s Favorite Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, is New Addition to the 2018 Forever Stamp Program 
  8. Mail carriers seen throwing packages up flight of stairs at Florida resident’s home 
  9. Postal inspectors say man stole more than 400 pieces of mail from postal vehicle in Memphis 
  10. NALC submits postal workforce recommendations to White House 

Letter carrier and mail truck rescued from flooded overpass in Ames Iowa

A United States Postal Service worker was rescued by fire crews in Ames after the carrier truck was overcome by flood waters Thursday afternoon, according to a tweet by the Ames Tribune.

Emergency responders paddled a raft to rescue the employee and a range of packages at the Grand Avenue overpass, as seen in a video captured by the Ames Tribune.