Video: USPS workers protest loss of services in Bradenton

BRADENTON — Postal workers warned Thursday that if people don’t start paying attention to what they described as the degradation of the postal service, in five or 10 years the industry will look completely different, and not in a good way.

“By outsourcing a little bit here, a little bit there, downgrading over time — I mean, you used to be able to get a letter in Bradenton, you could mail it today and get it tomorrow,” sad Deborah Smith, president of the Manatee-area local of the American Postal Workers Union. “Now that’s taking two or three days, because that mail is having to travel, because of this downsizing and the services being cut.”

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Video: Kansas City postal workers rally to keep post offices open

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Postal workers nationwide and in Kansas City are fighting to keep your local post office open.

The United States Postal Service plans to reduce hours and close branches nationwide. No branches in Kansas City are currently set to close, but with 82 processing centers set to close around the country, including one in Springfield, Mo., mail service will be slowed.

If you’re hoping to mail a letter or bill, it probably won’t get there overnight. Instead, it may take two to three days to arrive.

Postal Service employees are infuriated because they don’t want to work fewer hours or see offices close. On Thursday they’ll rally to keep things as they are. Continue reading