Frustrated customers denied access to mail after Richmond post office closes abruptly

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — People who live in Church Hill are frustrated over the abrupt closure of their post office.

“Without any warning, it’s kind of depressing,” said Lewis Robinson, who showed up Monday morning to get mail from his post office box.

So did John Rasmussen. “I have mail probably including checks for my home business in my PO box that I can’t get to which is personally frustrating,” he said.

A sign on the door of the 25th street location told customers the post office is closed temporarily because of emergencies.

Source: Frustrated customers denied access to mail after Richmond post office closes abruptly

Following Postal Issue in Richmond CA, Congressman Acts by Amending Postal Reform Bill

Washington, D.C. – A measure authored by Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) was unanimously adopted by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee as a part of the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act (H.R. 756), which has been years in the making. Congressman DeSaulnier’s amendment would require the United States Postal Service (USPS) to provide Congressional offices with at least 10-days of advance notice regarding any closure, sale, movement, or reduction of operations of a post office in their district.  Continue reading

Senator Calls on USPS to Address Service Disruptions in North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. – U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today called on U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan to take concrete steps to protect quality mail delivery and service in Amidon and Halliday now and in the future following the news of the anticipated post office closure in Amidon and service disruption in Halliday.

Heitkamp pressed Brennan to make sure her agency is listening to the needs of the Amidon and Halliday communities, and to communicate a comprehensive plan on how the needs of both communities to access the full array of postal services will be met.

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Video: Oldest post office west of the Mississippi may soon close its doors

AUBURN (CBS13) – The oldest post office west of the Mississippi may be shutting its doors after years of serving Auburn, California.

Known as “Station A,” it opened in Old Town Auburn back in the late 1870s. Its wooden doors may soon close permanently since the U.S Postal Service isn’t renewing its contract.

Some residents are saying the city should step in and cover the costs, but city officials say they have enough to worry about.

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Senator accuses USPS of using “emergency suspensions” to close post offices

WASHINGTON –  U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is calling out the U.S. Postal Service for its use of “emergency suspension” authority to close down Missouri post offices, potentially circumventing the standard process that requires input from communities that would feel the effects of a closure and notifications to Congress.

clairemccaskill“I recently became aware of a number of post offices in Missouri that were closed via ‘emergency suspension’ and never reopened,” wrote McCaskill, a former Missouri State Auditor and senior member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, in a letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan. “I am concerned that these closures are circumventing the United States Postal Service’s standard discontinuance process, and communities are being adversely affected without the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the decision-making process. Continue reading

Video Small town Indiana post office suddenly shut down

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Ind. — Most of the people living in an unincorporated town have to pick up their mail because there is no mail delivery.

Two weeks ago, a closed sign appeared on the Charlottesville Post Office.

It was shut down due to unsafe conditions at the facility including rodents, and a lack of heating and air conditioning.

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PRC seeks public comment on its role in post office closings

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission has established Docket No. PI2016-2 to solicit public comment on the scope of its authority over Postal Service determinations to close or consolidate post offices. Title 39 of United States Code 404(d) sets forth the requirements for the Postal Service to follow when it closes or consolidates a post office and authorizes the Commission to review these closures and consolidations.

The Commission seeks written comments regarding the interpretation of terms and concepts related to section 404(d) including the distinctions between closures or consolidations and relocations or rearrangements of postal retail facilities, and the interpretation and application of the sole source standard which provides for Commission jurisdiction over certain contract postal units.

prcInterested persons wishing to file formal comments to be included online in the docket must first register with the Commission. Instructions for submitting formal comments are available on the Commission website,, under the “Filing Online” button. Interested persons who do not have Internet access may submit comments to the Postal Regulatory Commission at 901 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20268.

Initial written comments are due no later than January 29, 2016, and written reply comments are due no later than February 23, 2016. The Commission has appointed Lauren A. D’Agostino to serve as an officer of the Commission (Public Representative) to represent the interests of the general public in this docket.

Video: Richmond CA main post office shut down due to mold

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) — A mold problem has shut down the main U.S. Post Office in the city of Richmond. It’s an 80-year-old building that was built in 1938 and it looks pristine on the outside. Still, there is a health hazard that needs to be cleaned up before it can be reopened.

One by one, potential customers approached the front entrance of Richmond’s main post office, only to find it locked up tight.

“The post office is closed. I was trying to check my P.O. box and go to work,” Shannon Smith of Richmond said.The problem is mold that was found in the basement of the 1930’s art deco building. It’s is something the postal service determined needed to be cleaned up, immediately. Left unchecked, mold can cause health problems, even death in extreme cases.

Source: Richmond’s main U.S. Post Office shut down due to mold |

Video: Kurten, Texas Residents Frustrated After Post Office Abruptly Closes

KURTEN, Texas – Kurten residents are frustrated after their Post Officewas closed down without warning last week.

The U.S. Postal Service says the building has flood damage from spring rains and is not safe for employees or customers to be inside.

News 3 looks at where customers have to go now and why this isn’t the community’s first fight against the federal government.

There’s still a a big blue mailbox but the Kurten Post Office is no longer open for business.

Source: Kurten Residents Frustrated After Post Office Abruptly Closes