USPS may have a buyer for Houston PO

The Houston Chronicle reports that the USPS may have found a buyer for the Houston Post Office, but the agency declined to provide details as negotiations are ongoing. The 5 story building, on a 16 acre site, has been on the market for several years. Retail operations are set to end this coming Friday. While the building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places because it’s more than fifty years old, there doesn’t seem to be much local concern about the building, a typical 1960’s “brutalist” office block.

After at least three attempts to sell the site at 401 Franklin, the property went back on the market earlier this year after a deal to sell if fell through. Spokeswoman Dionne Montague said the most recent bid solicitation period has closed and the postal service is “in the process of negotiations,” which may be finalized by the end of the year.

Save the Post Office featured the Houston PO in a story last week.

Source: Downtown post office sale under negotiations – Prime Property

APWU President’s Statement on “Questionable” Sales of Historic Post Offices by USPS’s Real Estate Firm, CBRE

04/29/2015 – Washington – The Inspector General’s report on the Postal Service’s real estate transactions with CBRE is a stinging indictment of the way the USPS has sold off post offices and other facilities. It is also a condemnation of the cozy relationship between postal management and the world’s biggest real estate company. The USPS arrangement with CBRE allows the company to represent both the buyer and seller.

The U.S. Postal Service belongs to the people of this country. We must not permit postal executives and the Board of Governors to sell our beautiful historic buildings at a discount; nor should we permit CBRE to drain the Postal Service treasury with lease deals that benefit the real estate firm at the expense of postal customers and the American people.

The APWU endorses the IG’s recommendation to terminate the Postal Service’s contract with CBRE. The APWU also applauds the IG’s decision to refer numerous CBRE transactions to its Office of Investigations for further review.

Regrettably, CBRE is not the only private, for-profit company that is treating the U.S. Postal Service like a private piggy bank. The Inspector General also should examine the role of CBRE CEO Robert Sulentic on the Staples board of directors at a time when the USPS is reducing hours or shuttering post offices and encouraging customers to take their mail to Staples stores.

This report shows we need to protect the USPS from corporate pirates who would plunder it.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Calls on Congress to Prevent Sale of Historic US Postal Buildings

Barbaralee_newheadshot_1200Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee introduced legislation to halt the sale and consolidation of historic US Postal Service facilities. The Moratorium on US Historic Postal Buildings Act would prevent USPS from selling any facility until all buildings listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places are removed from the auction block.

“These historic post offices are an irreplaceable part of our nation’s history. They belong to the American people,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “Historic post office buildings are an integral part of our cultural heritage and should not be used as a bargaining chip to resolve the Postal Service’s financial woes.”

“In my district, the Berkeley post office is cherished by the East Bay community,” Congresswoman Lee added. “I’m calling on Congress to stop these callous attempts to auction off our heritage. My bill would ensure that historic post offices across the country, including the Berkeley Post office, remain as a cornerstone of our community.”

via Congresswoman Lee Calls on Congress to Prevent Sale of Historic US Postal Buildings | Congresswoman Barbara Lee.