USPS Honors Letter Carrier Who Rescued Woman on His Route

The United States Postal Service is honoring a St. Paul letter carrier after he saved a woman’s life.

Michael O’Neill has delivered mail to Jeannine Zimmerman’s home for 16 years.

But on a cold, snowy day in December, O’Neill found Zimmerman helpless on the frozen ground in front of her home.

Zimmerman said she had gone outside to grab her mail when she lost her balance and fell.

Source: USPS Honors Letter Carrier Who Rescued Woman on His Route |

Last presidentially appointed Postmaster retires

(Note: a couple of years ago we linked to a story about the last politically appointed PM. Click here to view that story, which includes a discussion of the difference between “political” and “presidential” appointments…)

Samuel J. Mitchell made history last week.

Mitchell — the last Postmaster appointed by a president — retired Jan. 31 after 52 years managing the Philo, OH, Post Office. Continue reading

USPS helps NC woman keep her mother from losing money in scam

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WLOS) — “I’ve been talking to this guy. I’ve won Publisher’s Clearinghouse, for $100,000,” Debbie Mathis said her mother told her.Mathis, who lives in Black Mountain, said her mother told her she’d hit it big, and that she’d sent $500 cash to an address in Mississippi to make sure her prize would be paid out. Continue reading