Employee sees accident, saves 3 from burning car

Wallkill, NY, Rural Carrier Austin Heller was recently delivering mail when he witnessed a collision that left a vehicle in flames.

While 911 was called, Heller — who is also a volunteer firefighter — stopped and rushed to aid the victims in the car on fire.

The Postal Service employee rescued two children buckled in car seats, then helped the driver reach safety as well.

Emergency responders soon arrived to provide further assistance.

“In saving these lives, Austin demonstrated heroics and bravery, and he went above and beyond his call of duty,” said local Officer in Charge William Casmay.

Source: Austin takes action | USPS News Link

Rural carrier rescues elderly customer who fell out of wheel chair

Rural Carrier Steve Phifer was recently delivering mail in Ardmore, TN, when he spotted an older customer in trouble:

The man had fallen out of his motorized wheelchair just a few feet away from a pond on his property.

Phifer rushed to the customer’s aid, safely got him back into his wheelchair, determined that medical attention wasn’t desired, and checked on his frail wife to ensure she was OK, too, before departing.

“If it hadn’t been for the care and concern shown by Steve, this customer could have been left on the ground or, worse, fallen into the pond before he was found,” said Ardmore Postmaster Ken Watts. “He potentially saved this man from a very serious fate.”

Source: USPS News Link

OIG Report: Customer Perceptions of the U.S. Postal Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • An OIG survey administered during the COVID-19 pandemic found a majority of people across the United States held a favorable view of the Postal Service (91 percent) and agreed or strongly agreed that mail is important (96 percent).
  • Respondents checked and read their mail more frequently in 2020 but sent less mail and fewer personal packages.
  • Americans reported placing online orders more frequently than previous years and expected to shop online more after the pandemic is over.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people interacted with their communities and businesses — including the Postal Service. The OIG conducted a nationally representative survey to understand the ways the COVID-19 pandemic may have altered customer perceptions of the Postal Service and their habits around mail and other postal-related activities.

The OIG found that Americans continued to hold favorable views of the Postal Service during the pandemic, underscoring the important role USPS plays for the nation. During the pandemic, the core ways customers interacted with the Postal Service were through mail receipt, post office visits, and delivery of online orders. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents reported checking their mail every day. However, respondents sent mail and personal packages less frequently compared to the previous year. Ecommerce grew during the pandemic, with more online orders placed in 2020 than in previous years. Survey respondents expect some of this ecommerce growth to continue after the pandemic.

The Postal Service has played an important role in connecting the nation during a time of pandemic-related social distancing and closures. The OIG survey results provide information on changes in customer behavior and expectations, and careful monitoring of emerging trends will allow the Postal Service to continue to prepare for new and growing demands moving forward.

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