USPS uses dog report as excuse to install cluster box delivery in Missouri neighborhood- even though the dog no longer lives there

In one Independence MO neighborhood, mail delivery has been disrupted by a carrier’s report of a dangerous dog. In response, the USPS says it will no longer provide door to door delivery to residents, but will install a cluster box, despite the fact that the dog has since been relocated to a home outside the town. Continue reading

Postal Worker Says She’s Traumatized After Dog Bite

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem postal worker is recovering, after being attacked by a dog.

Ironically, this week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week -which is a time to bring awareness to prevent dog bites.

Unfortunately for Katherine Cashion, she is past prevention and is in recovery mode.

“I couldn’t believe that it hurt so bad. I thought really it was gushing blood because it hurt so badly,” said Cashion, who has been with the post office for two years.

Cashion isn’t alone.

Source: | Postal Worker Says She’s Traumatized After Dog Bite