Video: Residents of Texas town say they have to fight USPS to get their mail

Residents in Andrews say they are tired of fighting the U.S Postal Service for their mail. A group of them say they have had this problem on and off since early May. One resident said she’s scared her personal information could be landing in the wrong hands. 

Mail should be delivered Monday through Saturday but one neighborhood says they don’t even get weekly mail anymore. “We’ve been told it’s down the street. We’ve been told we don’t know where it’s at, we’ll see if we can find it,” said the Andrews resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

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Canada Post’s new community mailboxes frozen shut on Prince Edward Island

Some P.E.I. residents woke up Tuesday morning to find their new community mailboxes frozen shut, because Canada Post wasn’t able to weatherproof them all before temperatures plunged below zero.

“There’s been a lot of people stopped,” said Mary Sharkey, who tried twice — unsuccessfully — to retrieve her mail from a community mailbox on Valdane Avenue in Charlottetown.

“They’re taking their keys, and trying to put them in, and fidgeting, and wondering, what the heck is going on?”​

Residents had been using the boxes for a month without issue — but Monday’s wet conditions combined with frigid temperatures overnight left some customers frozen out.

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Video: Robbers target cluster boxes in Nevada neighborhood

Dozens of people in one valley neighborhood have all been hit by vandals. Overnight Sunday, someone busted open eight different mailbox clusters and they still have not been fixed. “When I was cruising around last night, I noticed not just this mailbox but almost every single mailbox in this entire neighborhood has been hit,” said Jeremy Webb, who lives in the neighborhood near Warm Springs and Paradise. “And by hit, I mean completely torn open.”

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Video: Checks in the mail? Maybe not! Certain mailboxes are targets for ID theft

NEW YORK — Depending on where you live, the checks you put in the mailbox may not be as safe as you think. Anyone who lives in large buildings or complexes that contain mail rooms could be a target of mail fraud and identity theft.

U.S. Postal Inspector Glen McKechnie review surveillance footage from inside a mail room where a suspect stole mail and used it for identity theft.

U.S. postal inspectors caught one criminal in the act. Surveillance footage shows the suspect taking advantage of a flawed system for how mail is handled in large buildings.

“The subject began stealing personal identifiers and names and dates of birth of individuals in that building,” explained U.S. Postal Inspector Glen McKechnie.

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Video: Neighbors Furious USPS Won’t Replace Vandalized Mailbox

People in a Lancaster, California neighborhood are facing off with the U.S. Postal Service, after thieves ripped open and vandalized their community mailbox.

Kristen Sheils tells the I-Team that she and her 11 neighbors have been unable to receive mail deliveries since vandals damaged their cluster box unit, or CBU, in April.

While they once could walk just a few blocks to retrieve their mail from the CBU, residents now have to drive 20 minutes each way to collect their mail from a U.S. Postal Service sorting site.”It’s just a huge inconvenience,” Sheils said.

The USPS says it has offered to replace the box, but only on the condition that the residents sign an agreement that would make them financially responsible for any future damage.

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Union says Canada Post has suspended plan to end door delivery in Hamilton

Update: CBC News reports that a Canada Post spokesman has denied that the corporation has changed its plans, and that delivery conversions will continue as scheduled

OTTAWA- Canada Post’s plan to end door-to-door delivery on Hamilton Mountain has apparently been put on “indefinite hold,” according to the union representing postal workers. While this decision has yet to be confirmed in writing by Canada Post Corporation, postal workers were cautiously optimistic.

“At this point, we can only speculate, but we think the actions of Hamilton residents have had an impact,” said Terry Langley, President of the Hamilton local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

Hamilton postal workers were informed yesterday by Canada Post managers that no new date for the end of door-to-door delivery would be scheduled at this time.

Since Canada Post’s cuts were announced in 2013, almost 600 municipalities and municipal organizations, including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Mayors Caucus, have raised concerns about the elimination of door-to-door delivery. Hamilton city staff estimated that mailbox conversion would cost the city at least $2 million in administrative costs alone.

Many Hamilton residents have fiercely opposed the removal of their home delivery. One retiree, Henry Evans-Tenbrinke, occupied his mailbox installation site for days, making international headlines.

“We can and should insist that our profitable post office consult with us before cutting services,” said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The union says that postal cuts will remain a federal election issue for the Conservative government.


Video: Broken mailboxes force residents to pick up mail from post office


Residents are being forced to pick up their mail at a post office due to broken mailboxes.

The residents at the Fairington Village Condominiums in Lithonia, which is about 20 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta, call the conditions unfair.

“I mail all of my stuff to my mom’s house because I’m so fearful of what could happen if I mail it here,” resident Chris Scretchen said.

No one is receiving any mail and they haven’t for weeks. In fact, mail is for the birds around here because tenants have been told to go to the post office to pick up their letters and packages, but only on Saturday’s between 1-5 p.m.

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Canada Post and Hamilton square off in landmark mail delivery case

It’ll be a historic day in Hamilton courts on Tuesday as Canada Post faces off against the city over where it can put super mailboxes.

Canada Post is installing community mailboxes across Hamilton Mountain as part of a nationwide plan to phase out urban door-to-door mail delivery.

But the city wants a say in how they do it and has gone to court to assert those rights. Canada Post rejects this notion, saying federal legislation gives it a mandate to deliver the mail, and that trumps municipal powers.

The fight is being watched by many other municipalities across the country, all of which are facing similar plans from the postal service to install super mailboxes.

Canada Post is already facing a lawsuit from a union representing postal workers that wants the Federal Court to declare the cancellation of home delivery unconstitutional. And a group of Montreal-area mayors last week said they were considering joining the action, accusing Canada Post of ignoring their concerns.

In the face of declining traditional mail volumes, Canada Post announced a plan in December 2013 to end door-to-door delivery and gave itself five years to implement the move to community mailboxes.

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Cities rebel against Canada Post plan to scrap home delivery

Canada Post’s decision to end home mail delivery faces a revolt in the cities.

When the plan was first announced two years ago, many Canadians were indifferent.

Postal workers objected. But that was to be expected. Letter carriers’ jobs are on the line.

Groups representing seniors and the disabled also took to task Canada Post — and the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

They argued that in Canada’s densely populated cities, the elderly and inform would find a daily trek to the community mailbox particularly difficult.

Canada Post said it would try to accommodate them.

Now the Crown corporation is running into an entirely different kind of buzz saw. Residents of older cities like Toronto and Montreal are beginning to realize that once home delivery is eliminated, large, unsightly community mailboxes will have be erected in their areas — possibly right in their front yards.

And they don’t like the idea.

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Canada Post’s ‘super’ mailboxes spur growing backlash

The backlash against Canada Post is growing, with four mayors in the greater Montreal area joining the legal battle against the Crown corporation’s decision to phase out urban home mail delivery by 2018.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says he and the mayors of Laval, Longueil and Westmount are frustrated with the “cavalier” approach of Canada Post to complaints about community mailboxes since the plan was announced in December 2013.

They’ll be joining a union lawsuit before the Federal Court aimed at overturning the post office’s decision to replace door-to-door delivery with so-called “superboxes.”

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