Video: Postal Inspector on Bakersfield mailbox thefts- ‘We’re looking at better security’

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — After dozens of mailbox thefts, many Bakersfield neighbors say they’re frustrated that more isn’t being done to stop the break-ins.

A U.S. Postal Service inspector said his department is working on better security, but that effort takes time.

He also said the problem is bad and getting worse. Continue reading

Video: USPS halts delivery for six weeks after cluster box breakin- resumes after TV news report

In April, the letter carrier wasn’t the only one who opened the mailboxes at the New Horizons condo complex.

Thieves forced open the mailboxes and destroyed the locks.Resident John Shirley stood before the mailboxes and pointed to banks of them.

“This was open, and this was open, and this was open,” he said.

Mail service stopped- for six weeks.

We reached out to the Postal Service. Within two days, it delivered. The boxes were fixed.

Source: Home Mail Delivery Halted For Six Weeks | NBC Bay Area

Video: You’ve got no mail- Franklin NC residents angered after not receiving mail for months

FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. — A group of Franklin County residents are upset because they say the U.S. Postal Service will not deliver mail to their neighborhood.

There are 26 homes in the Ridgemont neighborhood, but 19 of the homes have not gotten a piece of mail delivered for months.The development was built in 2007, but when the recession hit, building stopped. The first residents did not move into the neighborhood until last year.

Also, about a year ago, the postal service started requiring cluster mailboxes in new neighborhoods as a cost saving measure.

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Video: Cluster boxes vandalized in Fresno CA

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — El Capitan Avenue in West Central Fresno has not been so quiet lately. Neighbors are furious about a thief who has broken into their mailboxes, violating their security.

“We’ve got bank statements, some of us are retired social security, some of those deadlines are important so that mail is crucial,” said Jerry Sanchez, mail theft victim.

The thefts happened at around 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning and 15 to 20 boxes were affected.

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Video: Thieves steal another community mail box

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – We often hear of crooks breaking into community mailboxes, but over the long weekend they went one step further and took off with the entire mailbox.

Several people living on Limestone Arch Avenue in Mountain’s Edge are without mail service for a few days after thieves unbolted a 16 unit community mailbox over the Memorial Day weekend. “I was kind of surprised to see that they took the whole mailbox,” Russ Bowman said.

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Video: Mailbox Theft Plagues Vallejo CA Residents

VALLEJO (CBS SF) — A recent rash of mailbox thefts has compromised more than 300 people’s deliveries in Vallejo and now residents are waiting in lines to pick up packages at the post office.

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating the thefts.

“It’s a shame,” said mailbox owner Larry Greg.

The post office inspector says there have been 23 reported burglaries in the Vallejo and American Canyon area since February 1st and likely more unreported.

Crooks are breaking open some boxes, picking the locks on others and possibly using a counterfeit master key. Once inside, they’ve got your mail, and all the information that comes with it.

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Canada Post carrier hospitalized after cluster box falls on her

A postal worker in Thunder Bay ended up in hospital on Wednesday after a community mailbox toppled over onto her as she was delivering the mail.

“It fell right on top of her, breaking her glasses, hitting her head and her right shoulder was injured,” said Joanne Nowosad, president of the Thunder Bay local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, in a statement issued on Thursday.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers-Falling Mailbox“These mailboxes are a clear and present danger to public safety… what if it had fallen on top of a child?”

The worker’s injuries were not believed to have been life-threatening. Photographs taken by union representatives show the box somehow became detached from its concrete base, causing it to fall forward onto the ground.

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Video: Mailboxes found left wide open in Arizona town

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ – Residents are reporting possible postal problems in a San Tan Valley neighborhood again.

It’s nothing new for the residents who’ve been dealing with USPS problems for months–this time in a neighborhood near Gantzel and Combs roads.

“It steadily has gotten worse,” neighbor Chris Bethel says. He says just six weeks ago a package was delivered, only it never showed up.

Complaints seem to have gone down for a while after our initial reports in September 2015 , but neighbors say problems are starting to creep back up again.

Source: San Tan Valley mailboxes found left wide open; neighbors demanding answers from post office

US Postal Service may finally deliver a solution for 5-year delivery problem in Missouri development

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The first thing you notice about SW 9th Terrace in Blue Springs is the less-than-attractive mailbox in front most of the homes. The boxes, stuck on stakes, are propped up in big plastic buckets. Neighbors here say they’ve been living with these eyesores for five years.

They have no choice. If they dig a hole in their front yard and put the mailbox in the ground, they’ll be in violation with the US Postal Service, which won’t deliver their mail according to neighbor David Brush.

The problem is that the subdivision wasn’t supposed to have door-to-door mail delivery. Mail was supposed to be dropped off at a centrally located cluster box.

But unlike most of the other streets in this subdivision, SW 9th Terrace never got a cluster box. It was the first street built in the development and the developer went bankrupt without taking care of the mailbox problem.

Source: US Postal Service may finally deliver a solution for 5-year problem in Blue Springs neighborhood |

Video: Chico CA cluster box broken into, mail stolen

CHICO, Calif. -Vandals broke into a Chico neighborhood mailbox and stole all of its contents.

Neighbors claim it happened sometime between Thursday night and Saturday morning. Pat Standley has lived on Admiral Lane for more than eight  years. She said she has never experienced anything like this.

“My first reaction was anger,” said Standley. “I was really mad, you know, thinking who would do this?”

Standley said that on Saturday morning she went to get the mail and noticed all of the doors were open. She thought the mail woman was in between drop-offs until she realized the postal service was not around.

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