American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

12/18/2015The APWU joins with all fair-minded individuals and organizations in condemning the Democratic National Committee (DNC) attack on the Bernie Sanders campaign for U.S. president.  At a crucial time in the primary process, the Sanders campaign is arbitrarily being denied access to the DNC voter data base from all 50 states. This includes crucial voter information files that belong to the Sanders campaign.

Sanders-EllisonThe actions of the DNC are simply an effort to undermine the Sanders campaign, which has captured the imagination and support of millions of people. The DNC action is an attempt to rig the election.

We encourage all people who believe in democracy, no matter their affiliation or candidate of choice, to voice their outrage, sign petitions and demand that the Bernie Sanders campaign have access to the DNC voter files fully restored.

“We, the People,” deserve nothing less.

‘It Was Electric’: Bernie Sanders addresses APWU conference 

10/14/2015Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders thrilled APWU members attending the union’s All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 14.

“It was electric,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein of the response to Sanders’ speech.

Sanders told the audience of approximately 2,000 APWU members, “The beauty of the Postal Service is that it provides universal service six days a week to every corner of America, no matter how small or how remote. It supports millions of jobs in virtually every sector of our economy.  It provides decent-paying union jobs to some 500,000 Americans, and it is the largest employer of veterans. Continue reading

New Hampshire Postal Workers Endorse Bernie Sanders

MANCHESTER, N.H. – The New Hampshire Postal Workers Union on Saturday endorsed Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“Bernie Sanders has been a long-time champion of postal workers and postal customers,” said Janice Kelble, the legislative director for the union representing about 1,500 members and retirees in the Granite State.

Bernie Sanders with Postal Workers“It is time for us to stand up and fight for a president we can count on,” she added in remarks to about 200 supporters who turned up for the opening of a new campaign field office.

“I am proud to announce that both the New Hampshire Postal Workers Union and Manchester Area Local have voted to endorse Sen. Sanders as the next president of the United States,” Kelble said as she stood at Sanders’ side and the crowd outside chanted.

In a prepared statement, the union official called Sanders “a forceful advocate for working people” who has fought for paid family medical leave and a livable wage. She praised Sanders for rejecting unfair trade deals that favor special interests. “His focus is always on creating opportunities that lift the middle class and those living in poverty,” she added in a prepared statement.

“The American Postal Workers Union is committed to fighting for decent pay and benefits, a safe workplace and dignity and respect on the job. As affiliates of the AFL-CIO, we also strongly believe in social and economic justice for all working families,” the union leader said.

Koch brothers related "watchdog" attacks Sanders for accepting contributions from postal workers

A right wing web site that claims to be an “independent watchdog” has attacked Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for defending the US Postal Service and its employees. The site, which calls itself Vermont Watchdog, claims that Sanders is more interested in campaign contributions from postal workers then in the USPS itself:

BURLINGTON, Vt. — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says he’s worried the U.S. Postal Service is running out of cash, but he may be worried more about his own campaign cash.

In a March 4 editorial published in the Wall Street Journal, Sanders, a Vermont independent, called the USPS one of the country’s most important government agencies.

“It supports millions of jobs in virtually every other sector of our economy. It provides decent-paying union jobs to some 500,000 Americans, and it is the largest employer of veterans,” he wrote.

For Sanders, however, these “decent-paying union jobs” translate into high-paying campaign supporters.

Since Sanders was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1990 and then the U.S. Senate in 2006, labor unions with ties to the USPS have ranked among the top financial supporters of his political campaigns.

The American Postal Workers Union has given $36,200 since Sanders went to work in Washington. The National Association of Letter Carriers has dumped $50,000 into Sanders’ campaign coffers.

The Koch crowd apparently figure that Vermonters will be shocked at all that money flowing from what the wingnuts like to call “union bosses”. But take another look at the numbers- $86,200 total from two labor unions over the course of twenty four years!

That works out to the princely sum of $3,591 a year. Less than ten dollars a day.

Golly. Imagine the influence that kind of money buys! Continue reading