Top stories of the week May 3-9

  1. Special Report: Delivery companies keeping up with increased package volumes
  2. Former Postal Worker Admits Filing False Documents to Receive Over $650,000 in Workers’ Compensation
  3. New PMG is going to have his hands full
  4. U.S. Postal Service Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results
  5. Massachusetts Postal Worker Discharged After Month Hospitalized With Coronavirus
  6. Illinois coronavirus: Unique Clay becomes first active Chicago postal worker letter carrier to die of COVID-19 a week after giving birth
  7. Parcel Profits Slumping
  8. Dayton man pleads guilty to shooting mail carrier, faces 10 years up to life in prison
  9. U.S. Postal Service Carrier Charged with Stealing Veterans Administration-Issued Prescriptions from Mail
  10. Coronavirus: why the Postal Service is so screwed.

New PMG is going to have his hands full

Louis DeJoy is going to have his hands full. The former chief executive of New Breed Logistics is taking over leadership of the U.S. Postal Service as it is facing pressures from the coronavirus pandemic that only add to the business, financial and political strains on the postal operator.

The WSJ’s Paul Ziobro reports that Mr. DeJoy will become postmaster general as a government watchdog is calling on Congress to address longstanding structural and financial problems at the USPS. That could trigger a broad discussion of the Postal Service’s operations and how they fit into delivery needs that have been drastically changed in recent years by the growth of digital communications and e-commerce.

The USPS is facing steeper losses and congressional Democrats want to include aid for the operation in the next coronavirus stimulus package, setting it up for an even tougher debate over postal reform.

Source: Logistics Report and News – Wall Street Journal

WSJ Logistics Report: Soaring Airfreight Prices Force Shift to Slower Ocean Transport

A dramatic squeeze in airfreight capacity is pushing companies around the world to choose between sky-high shipping costs and exceptionally long delivery timelines.

Postal services and even perishables exporters in Australia are among those turning to slower ocean transport services, the WSJ’s Mike Cherney and Lucy Craymer report, as they cope with coronavirus-driven upheaval in demand for goods and in transportation supply.

The withdrawal of thousands of passenger flights left overall global airfreight capacity down 25% from a year ago, even after freighter operations accelerated to make up for lost passenger-plane space. That has sent air-cargo prices rocketing higher in markets where supply and demand have been thrown out of balance.

Source: Logistics Report and News – Wall Street Journal