USPS top agency for multicultural business

WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service is being honored as the top government agency for Multicultural Business Opportunities by Omnikal, the largest business organization promoting inclusiveness in the country. The award honors the Postal Service’s leadership among the 25 top-ranked government agencies, known as the Omni50, that actively support opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Continue reading

USPS selling totes made from old mail bags

What could be a more “edgy” fashion statement than a canvas shoulder bag made from an old USPS mail sack? That’s the latest fashion advice from the USPS, which is selling the totes in its online store.

This kind of style doesn’t come cheap, needless to say- the re-imagined (and presumably thoroughly laundered) burlap sacks go for $60 apiece, and come in a variety of colors including salmon and teal.. If that’s too steep, there are also canvas coin pouches for $14.95, and cosmetic bags for $19.95.

Or you could go all out and pick up an “Upcycled Limestone Showdown Mailbag” which appears to be a backpack, for $79.95.

Source: Salmon Mailbag Tote