USPS Can’t Be Sued Over Delayed Wedding Invitations, Judge Says

A couple who say their wedding was disrupted because the U.S. Postal Service didn’t tell them their wedding invitations needed extra postage lacked legal grounds to sue the agency, a U.S. judge has ruled.

Western District Judge Richard Arcara on Friday dismissed the claim filed by pro se plaintiffs Jacquelyn and Christopher Lombardi of Buffalo.

U.S. POSTAL SERVICE WEDDING CAKE STAMPThe couple claimed that because none of the postage on the invitations they mailed on Aug. 10, 2015 was sufficient, many were returned and had to be remailed, with guests receiving them too late.

The couple also complained in Lombardi v. United States Postal Service, 15-cv-1047-A, that some invitations were not received at all before the Sept. 26, 2015, wedding. The judge noted that some people who did not receive invitations were “offended.”

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park featured on NPS centennial forever stamp

WASHINGTON — A photograph of the Little Missouri River winding through the Badlands of North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park was previewed today as the 15th of 16 Forever Stamp images to be revealed over a three-week period to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary.

The photograph was taken in July 2013 by Q.T. Luong of San Jose, CA, who captured the image in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the course of his 20-year project to photograph 59 national parks.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
According to the National Park Service, when Theodore Roosevelt came to Dakota Territory to hunt bison in 1883, he was a “skinny, young, spectacled New Yorker.” He could not have imagined how his adventure in this remote and unfamiliar place would forever alter the course of the nation. The rugged landscape and strenuous life he experienced here would help shape a conservation policy that we still benefit from today.

rooseveltTheodore Roosevelt National Park contains several sites of historical significance, each relating to the era of cattle ranching in the late 1800s. Most significant is Theodore Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch Site, the main ranch site where he spent the bulk of his time and where many of his conservation ideas grew. Roosevelt’s first ranch home, the Maltease Cross Cabin, is open for viewing at the South Unit Visitor Center.

The Long X Trail was used as a corridor to move cattle into the Northern Great Plains in the 1800s, and it passes through the North Unit of the park. Peaceful Valley Ranchwas built in the 1880s and served as a dude ranch from 1918 to the 1930s. The ranch and its owners assisted in the establishment of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Visitors can still ride horses at Peaceful Valley by taking part in a trail ride with the park’s concessionaire. Visit this link for more information.

The Backstory of Luong’s Photograph
Luong was interested in the park’s rugged character and vegetation that set it apart from South Dakota’s Badlands National Park.

“The light of the late afternoon gleaming on the river appeared as a bright ribbon in the landscape,” recounted Luong, who used a telephoto lens to emphasize the section of the river with the reflection.

Luong noted that the park includes three units: the South Unit and the far lesser visited North Unit and Elkhorn Ranch Site.

“The Little Missouri River provides a link between them, reminding me of the fond memories I cherish from the time I spent there.”

Born in Paris, France, Luong trained as a computer scientist. When he came to the United States for what was intended to be a short academic stay, he chose the University of California at Berkeley because of its proximity to Yosemite and his passion for rock-climbing — where he scaled El Capitan several times.

“Upon visiting Yosemite for the first time in 1993, it was love at first sight and it marked the start of my 20-year affair with the national parks. I decided to photograph all of them with a 5 by 7 large format camera, a single-handed, self-financed, monumental project which, as far as I know, had not been completed by anyone before.”

Luong settled in the San Francisco Bay area and started crisscrossing the nation to capture its diverse beauty. By 2002, he had visited 58 national parks. He subsequently left his scientific career to pursue his calling of working as a full-time photographer. In 2009, Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan featured him in the film “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”

NYPD cops arraigned in beating of letter carrier

Two Queens New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives were arraigned last week on charges of assaulting a uniformed postal worker in October who had unwittingly given directions to the man who killed two NYPD officers in 2014 as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn.

Dets. Angelo J. Pampena, 31, and Robert A. Carbone, 29, both pleaded not-guilty in Queens Supreme Court Wednesday to a five-count indictment, which includes charges of second- and third-degree assault. The two are accused of kicking and punching Karim Baker, 26, and then dragging him from his parked car onto the sidewalk, Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement. Continue reading

McCaskill: Is USPS undercharging FedEx and UPS?


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill today questioned the U.S. Postal Service’s pricing for its “last mile” of delivery in rural areas, and why she believes it may be losing money by under-charging competitors such as UPS and Fedex to carry mail to those areas.

“I have been on a harangue about giving deals to our competitors,” said McCaskill, a former Missouri State Auditor and senior member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Postal Service. “…We are giving a really good deal to our competitors. I’ve never seen another business entity who says, because we are so starving for volume, we’re going to take the most expensive part of our architecture, which is the last mile, and we’re going to give our competitors a deal on that last mile. And I have yet to have anyone give me the analysis that shows me that they have, in fact, at the Postal Service, considered what price they’re giving to UPS and FedEx for that last mile of delivery as it relates to our costs.” Continue reading

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Stamp highlights San Francisco Maritime Historical Park

WASHINGTON — A photograph of an iconic three-masted sailing ship was previewed today to highlight San Francisco Maritime Historic National Park as the 14th of 16 Forever Stamp images to be revealed over a three-week period to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary.

San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, CA
The stamp image* is a portion of a photograph by Tim Campbell of San Francisco, CA, of the square-rigger, Balclutha. Just visible to the right of the deep waterman/salmon packet sailing vessel is the 1907 steam tugboat Hercules.


Click image to enlarge

Located near the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park offers the sights, sounds, smells and stories of Pacific Coast maritime history through five National Historic Landmark vessels berthed here. Visit this link for more information.

The June 2 first-day-of-issue ceremony for the National Parks Forever Stamps pane will take place at New York City’s Javits Center at 11 a.m. as part of World Stamp Show-NY 2016.Dedication ceremonies will also take place at or near each of the National Parks depicted on the stamps. Individuals are asked to spread the news on social media by using the hashtags#NPSStamps, #FindYourPark or #NPS100.

World Stamp Show-NY 2016 will take place May 28–June 4. Held only once a decade, this mega event is not to be missed by beginners or advanced stamp collectors. There will be something for everyone there, no matter what you collect. Stamp collecting is a hobby for a lifetime. No matter what your specialty, you’ll find it at the show.

*The following is required for reproducing the stamp image for media use only: Balclutha, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

Poll: How has PMG Megan Brennan done compared to her predecessor, Pat Donahoe?

Megan Brennan has been Postmaster General for over a year now- and as Bill McAllister reminded us yesterday, it was a rough year.

So how do you think Brennan has done compared with her predecessor and mentor, Pat Donahoe? A year ago we asked you what you expected from the new PMG, and over 60% of you predicted more of the same.

What do you think now?

Video: Mailbox Theft Plagues Vallejo CA Residents

VALLEJO (CBS SF) — A recent rash of mailbox thefts has compromised more than 300 people’s deliveries in Vallejo and now residents are waiting in lines to pick up packages at the post office.

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating the thefts.

“It’s a shame,” said mailbox owner Larry Greg.

The post office inspector says there have been 23 reported burglaries in the Vallejo and American Canyon area since February 1st and likely more unreported.

Crooks are breaking open some boxes, picking the locks on others and possibly using a counterfeit master key. Once inside, they’ve got your mail, and all the information that comes with it.

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USPS Orders an Additional 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

Ram-ProMaster-136-USPS-Web_1Last summer the US Postal Service awarded a contract to Fiat Chrysler to provide 9,000 “Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles”. That award also included an option for the USPS to acquire an additional 3,339 vehicles. Last week the USPS announced it had exercised that option.

The USPS began deploying the original 9,000 vehicles last December. For more photos of the ECDV, see the NALC Branch 40 web site.

Source: ECDV – Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities

Video: Problems with mail delivery continue for Orange County FL residents

Some residents in Orange County said they’ve stopped trusting the postal service and said their mail has been disappearing for months.

They said they’re fed up with having to wonder whether letters and packages are being lost in a black hole.

Resident Linda Rosetta said all she gets is junk mail and everything else gets returned to sender.

“I’m just tired of it,” she said.

After asking why her mail never makes it to her home, she said she was told there’s a long-term hold on her address.

“(I asked) who did it? They tell me Linda Rosetta. I said, ‘I am Linda.’ Show me proof,” she said. “He couldn’t show me a signature.”

Source: Problems with mail delivery continue for Orange County residentsClipboard01