Top stories of the week March 11-17

  1. USPS selling totes made from old mail bags 
  2. PMG discusses workplace safety, mail and package volumes, and other topics in her latest “Business Focus” video 
  3. USPS responds to NY Times article “How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail” 
  4. Austin rocked by 3rd explosion in 11 days 
  5. APWU Doesn’t Support USPS “Safety Ambassador” Program 
  6. APWU Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee Appointed 
  7. Beam Bros. Trucking agrees to pay USPS $1 million for contract overcharges 
  8. Man takes a selfie with every blue postal service mailbox in Seattle for absolutely no reason 
  9. Veteran says mailman sprayed mace at non-violent dog 
  10. Residents of Florida community upset over having to travel to get their mail 

APWU Doesn’t Support USPS “Safety Ambassador” Program

From the American Postal Workers Union:

03/16/2018 – The APWU was informed on October 26, 2017 of the Postal Service’s intent to roll out a new program called the Safety Ambassador Program. The Postal Service intends to replace the safety captain program, and any other local safety programs, with this “standardized” and nationally controlled program. The American Postal Workers Union does not support, agree with, or endorse this program. Continue reading

USPS top agency for multicultural business

WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service is being honored as the top government agency for Multicultural Business Opportunities by Omnikal, the largest business organization promoting inclusiveness in the country. The award honors the Postal Service’s leadership among the 25 top-ranked government agencies, known as the Omni50, that actively support opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Continue reading