Recipients say they never received certified mail, Postal Service records only offer scribbles

CLEVELAND (WJW) — A FOX 8 I-Team investigation has found scribbles on Postal Service records.

And, as we looked into it, we found many people worried about losing homes, money and lawsuits because of what’s happening with legal documents in the mail.

Receipts from certified mail should show the name and address of a person accepting the mail. Instead, we reviewed receipts with scribbles for names and addresses along with “C-19” for COVID-19.

At the same time, we found people blindsided. Saying they never received their certified mail. Never signed for anything. Found out later, though, that mail, in fact, had been delivered. It had been left with someone, somewhere, but it was impossible to tell more than that from the records.

Adam Sywanyk told us it happened to him.

“I never seen the document,” he said. “I would say that they owe us an apology. I made note when I was in the post office, the one day, and nobody really had an explanation.”

Certified mail costs more, but the Postal Service says this way you can prove you sent something and get the signature of a person accepting it. Yet, again, we reviewed receipts with nothing readable except, in some cases, ‘C-19.’

Source: I-TEAM: Recipients say they never received certified mail, Postal Service records only offer scribbles |

  • TeflonPalin

    It’s a temporary nationwide USPS policy during the pandemic: carriers can sign for accountable items provided they hand the item to a person at the address. The carrier fills out the persons first initial and last name, their own initials, route number, and ‘C-19’ to indicate the pandemic.

    Yep, there’s carriers who short-cut it and just toss the item in a mailbox after signing for it. And yes it might be scribbled when a carrier wears gloves and tries to write on a tiny screen with a tiny pen! And yes, customers lie about not getting a certified when they actually had it handed to them. For every ‘scam’ of a fake delivery there are 1,000 professional deliveries. There’s no profession in America that doesn’t have falsification, employees short-cutting, etc. That’s just reality.