USPS steps up security during second stimulus distribution

DENVER (KDVR) — The United States Postal Service stated it will add additional enforcement action if needed when it comes to mail thieves looking to take stimulus payments out of local mailboxes.

“Here in Colorado, we see mail thieves looking for personal information. But sometimes they are looking for checks, gift cards, things like that,” Eric Manuel, a postal inspector with USPS, said.

The second round of stimulus payments have been on their way to Coloradans since the end of December.

According to the IRS website: If the IRS doesn’t have routing and account information for you for a direct deposit, you will be sent either a check or debit card in the form of an EIP Card. If this applies to you, IRS urges people to carefully watch their mail for either of these during January.

“Postal inspectors are working these cases. Your cameras and surveillance video helps us in catching these people,” Manuel said.

Source: USPS steps up security during second stimulus distribution