Postal worker’s rough mail delivery caught on camera

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Liz Bailly thought her Christmas shopping was finished. And it was, until Thursday night’s special delivery.

“I saw it around 10 something and I said what the …? How can he throw my package?,” Bailly said.

The Fort Lauderdale resident thought the noise that she heard was a neighbor banging until she walked outside and saw a package on the ground.

When she picked it up, she said the electronics inside didn’t sound right.

“I said, ‘Why is it making noise? Shattering . . .Why is it in the floor? They usually put packages at my door,” she said.

So, Bailly went to her camera that was placed inside the window of her apartment and saw just how the special delivery was made.

You can hear the thud and the impact. Remember, the camera was inside the window.

“He just flung the package to the chair that I am sitting on. And it fell and I guess the item cracked,” Bailly said.

Source: WATCH: Postal worker’s rough mail delivery caught on camera

  • Max Moody

    If it’s fragile DON’T PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE!!
    If it’s broken it was broken before the carrier got it. Automated equipment is used at the postal processing facilities. Packages must be packed to survive a six foot standing drop. Packages land on top of other packages at sorting facilities. If it’s broken it’s the fault of the shipper.

  • 1BadDawg

    You are correct, but the carrier didn’t help his cause by doing the job incorrectly either. The M41 states an attempt is to be made to deliver the parcels to the customer directly, by knocking or ringing the doorbell. If carriers actually did that, there would be no way to throw the parcel since you’re standing in front of the door and not 5 feet away. Only one way to make sure you aren’t blamed for it being broken… do the job correctly.

  • Michael

    No excuse for poor service.


    To protect your packages from damage, be proactive and prevent mishaps before sending your items.

    All shippers should prepare items they are sending to survive a 5′ drop or a 20′ toss because this happens multiple times at all delivery and transport companies. Shipping containers and pallets stacked 6′ high with heavy parcels could easily crush a poorly packaged item. If it can break …
    • DON’T use paper as a packing material.
    • Wrap with enough bubble wrap to protect it from dropping.
    • Surround the bubble wrapped item with impact absorbing material such as styrofoam packing peanuts or more bubble wrap.
    • The items should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box or container in case something impacts or punctures the box.
    • Pack contents tightly, don’t leave room for items to shift inside the packaging.

    Shipping containers may be outside in all weather conditions during the transport process. If it needs to stay dry …
    • Seal item inside plastic wrap or zip-lock bag.
    • Envelopes made of Tyvek are lightweight, strong and great for clothing and things that won’t break.
    • Use clear tape to cover the address label so it won’t smudge or ruin water based ink.

    Verify the address is correct on the mailing label…
    • Use the USPS website to verify a mailing address is deliverable.
    • Sorting machines using optical lasers to “read” your address will sort your item.
    • Use computer printed labels or hand print LEDGIBLY. Decorative or illegible address text may confuse the sorting software and send your package to the wrong address.
    • Use dark colored ink, not pencil. Optical laser readers cannot detect red ink.
    • Include a note inside all packages with both the mailing address and return address in case the shipping label is lost or damage beyond recognition.

  • Nathan

    Well I have been carrying for 23 years and I can’t even recall tossing something
    2 feet. We get paid enough to just place items against doors on porches
    or inside properly into boxes. DAHHH how hard is that to do. The union makes
    sure we get paid enough to just do the goofy job and not be caught on tape
    doing bone headed lazy things like this that make Amazon drivers look good!
    He should get suspended without pay for a day for each foot he threw it hummm
    so maybe a week with no pay for this Dork. Let’s see how many more packages
    he tosses like a toy.

  • Moore

    Yes but during Covid knocking or doorbells usage is definitely minimal but if you look at the video, it wouldn’t have taken but a few s steps to sit down in that chair. You’re right, it didn’t help him tossing the package like so. However, I highly doubt that netted chair broke the item and that short fall on the ground. The package is bubble padded and the item in a box with raised insides to protect the device. We literally deliver cremated remains, stone, bricks etc… it was broke before it was delivered. Spurs are being crushed at the bottom of bins daily

  • Donna Long

    He was wrong to toss someone elses paid for property.. Imho he can frisbee toss his own stuff all he wants, but he has NO right to treat others property that way… Make up all the bs excuses for his stupidity all you want, HE was wrong!! HE should foot the bill, no one else, then fire his lazy azz!