Video: How The U.S. Postal Service Fell Into A Financial Black Hole

If the United States Postal Service was a private business, it would have ranked 44th on the 2019 Forbes 500 list. It also hires more than 600,000 employees, third to Amazon and Walmart.

But it’s a public service. That means its goal isn’t to meet its bottom line, but to fulfill its duty to provide affordable and reliable mail service in the U.S.

So how did USPS’s finances come into the spotlight and why is it in the red?

Source: CNBC

  • lewisjm

    Leave the service alone. Most employees hired by those contractual companies hire lazy idiots who can’t read or write or follow simple directions. They complain and leave mail all over the country – lazy, selfish and illiterate. The US Post Office Rocks!