Rural carriers union apparently OK with four more years of Trump

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  • Stuntman Davey

    What a disingenuous and misleading headline. The NRLCA has never endorsed a candidate for president. This is to keep the Union from political infighting. As a union steward i know of various political views within my own shop. Try a better headline, “NRLCA keeps the peace by never endorsing a presidential candidate. Other unions should practice the same.”

  • postalnews

    There is nothing disingenuous or misleading about the headline. By failing to endorse a candidate, the NRLCA is suggesting that they’re both equally worthy of the Presidency when it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that one of them is an anti-union, anti-worker, and anti-USPS con man and psychopath.

    He brags about “grabbing pussy” of underage girls. He lies constantly. He is an undeniable racist. He is by far the most ignorant creature to infest the White House in modern history.

    And you’re worried about “keeping the peace” in the NRLCA? Good luck with that!

  • Stuntman Davey

    Thanks for showing us how antiTrump you are. Your reply is worthy of libtard talking points but fails to address the original post. But thats typical of libtards & regresaives. We can have an honeat & intellectual conversation concerning USPS & NRLCA endorsements when you come prepared next time or as you not so eloquently put it…Good luck with that!

  • Joe_Reeser

    Your TDS is noted. Our union doesn’t need to endorse anyone for any political office.