DeJoy-USPS: Right plan at the wrong time?

From the Wall Street Journal Logistics Report:

Logistics experts say Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s effort to revamp postal transportation operations may have been the right plan at the wrong time.

The directive to run trucks on a stricter schedule is aimed at saving money through efficiency, the WSJ Logistics Report’s Jennifer Smith writes, but came just as the pandemic triggered an upheaval in business and growing demands on services.

Mr. DeJoy’s postal push is getting strong attention in logistics circles because the postmaster general has held prominent roles in the sector and says he is bringing a nuts-and-bolts transportation operations discipline to the agency. Former postal executive Robert Fisher says Mr. DeJoy is going after a shipping operation ripe for improvement. But the dramatic shift by consumers to e-commerce has pushed millions more parcels into the postal network, leaving sorting centers with heavy backlogs and unable to catch up as volumes have grown.

  • J Ascher

    Impairing the delivery of mail is never appropriate.

    What the postal service needs is for the law that requires it to pre-fund retirement plans 75 years into the future to be repealed.

  • Richard Cantu

    So America, how much money has been saved so far by this new Postmasters plan while DeLay ing Americas Mail? The mail (ALL CLASSES) that is paid for by Americans that buy stamps, post cards, parcel shipping etc etc. The United States Postal Service is NOT FUNDED BY TAX PAYERS! There should be no DeLay in America’s United States Postal Service! I’m a proud United States Postal Service customer and my mail service has been DeLay ed including my parcels. The title of this thread should have been…..“PMG Wrongfully Hired at the WRONG TIME, With NO PLAN AT ALL!!”…. Long live The United States Postal Service!!!

  • Carol Moseley

    Wondering why he or no one decided to check the volume of the service before taking out machines. The pay ahead for the retirement and other requirements. Why remove equipment that is clearly needed.

  • KSPH

    Big supporter of the USPS and not a fan of Dejoy, but the machines being removed are letter sorters, which aren’t needed since letter volume has dropped by 50% over the last 10 years. They are of no use for the surge in parcels.

  • Richard Cantu

    What about the SURGE in America’s “vote by mai” this year due to the global pandemic?? If a decline in volume why is my mail late?? Show me the numbers!!