USPS looks to reduce letter carriers’ casing equipment

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

This morning, the Postal Service sent NALC a copy of a stand-up talk for city letter carriers intended to explain the goals of its latest unilateral delivery initiative. It is called Post Office Sortation Equipment Reconciliation (SER).

In the stand-up talk, USPS states “From a city delivery perspective, our goal is to convert as many city routes as possible to one, six shelf, evenly spaced 124 and provide efficient and effective customer service.”  A 124 is the main letter carrier case with the shelf where we place our mail as we sort it. USPS also states, “In order to do so, it is essential that we seek your valuable input as carriers, to finalize the cell size changes. This is vital because, as the expert on the route, you can readily identify addresses that may require additional or less sortation space. In order to complete this as planned, we will be starting carrier consultations soon regarding these changes to our carrier sortation equipment by obtaining your input.” At the end of the stand-up talk, we are reminded of the importance of “vigorously focusing on the efficiency of our operations”.

If supervisors or managers do not consult with and obtain your input prior to implementing this initiative, or if they ignore the valuable input you provide, you should inform an NALC branch representative.

Handbook M-39, Management of Delivery Services and Handbook M-41, City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities both contain provisions regarding case cells or separations, as well as casing equipment.

If changes to case configurations are implemented that violate those handbooks, then a grievance should be filed citing a violation of the appropriate provisions. If needed, NALC branch representatives should contact their NALC national business agent for guidance.

We have requested additional information from the Postal Service and once we receive that information we will be providing the NBAs with more detail regarding this initiative.

Source: USPS looks to reduce letter carriers’ casing equipment | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

  • Joe

    As a city letter carrier this so called six shelf system is terrible. They already implemented this in our office about a year ago. And as far as grieving it and trying to talk to our supervisors about spacing the cells accordingly its useless because they don’t listen. Our union representatives are terrible as well because they are pro management and not representing the carrier as they should.

  • JY

    This is a joke. I have addresses that need more than one cell. I’ll wind up with stacks of mail on the case or the floor. Insane!

  • Nathan

    Yeah my case actually needs a half wing ! lmao My businesses and a have an
    upscale nursing home that gets tossed on my apc the floor and on top of my case
    at least 3 days a week. If this actually saved us like 300 million a year somehow
    I would be on board. Someone really needs to tell me how taking away what
    makes a carrier efficient , a time and money saving proposal? Just a ploy
    to try and make really old carries leave. I’m 47 so I am not there , but we do
    still get mail and flats and goofy spurs so this is quite pointless in terms of saving
    5 mins or 5 dollars

  • luke dayton

    I work for USPS as a city letter carrier.
    Nothing surprises me. Working for USPS is a toxic mess. My advice is to simply not care about the company. Make choices that help you. Get your medical restriction. Dont let them take your breaks and lunch. It’s a solitary job these days. Its stressful and underpaid. Make it your route and dont do an analysis on their decisions.

  • steve

    there are step B decisions stating you get one cell per address