Hampton Roads residents feeling the impact of Postal Service delivery delays

SUFFOLK, Va. — Some Hampton Roads residents are experiencing mail delivery delays, which could be happening due to the US Postal Service cutting back on overtime hours.

Suffolk homeowner Wulf Berg served 21 years in the United States Air Force. Berg is retired and was waiting more days than usual for his mail to arrive.

“I did not receive any mail on Tuesday or Wednesday,” said Berg.

Berg’s concerned about the announcement from postmaster general about cutting overtime for workers to save money due to the coronavirus pandemic. Under this plan, mail deliveries could be delayed.

For Berg, this could be a problem; he tells us he lives at the end of the driver’s daily route and is already experiencing major issues.

“I have to get my medication through the mail order. And guess what? It comes through the mail. I have ordered medication about a week ago and I don’t know where the medication is,” he said.

Source: Residents getting mail late may be result of new USPS plan | 13newsnow.com

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