NAPS Chat Podcast May 14 2020: Rep. Peter King

May 14, 2020 Episode 76


Rep. Peter King (R-NY), co-chair of the Congressional Postal Preservation Caucus, joins NAPS Director of Legislative and Political Affairs Bob Levi on this week’s episode of NAPS Chat. (Rep. King with officers of NAPS Branch 202 at the recent Legislative Training Seminar — L-R: Jay Singh, Vice President; Rep. King; Tom Barone, President; and Frank Baselice, Executive Vice President)

During this week’s episode of NAPS Chat, Rep. King and Bob discuss the creation of the Postal Preservation Caucus, how his experience as past chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee informs him of the vital importance of the USPS, and what Americans can do to ensure that the Postal Service is not victimized by those out to harm and belittle it.

NAPS Chat is a weekly podcast intended to inform NAPS members about the latest legislative and political goings-on within our nation’s capital. Hosted by NAPS Director of Legislative and Political Affairs Bob Levi.

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