‘I think we should be shut down’: DC postal employee says he purchased own supplies to protect against coronavirus

WASHINGTON — Despite at least one confirmed case of coronavirus among its D.C. workers, the U.S. Postal Service is not providing enough personal protective supplies to keep its staff safe, one employee says.

“I have a mask, gloves — I got them myself,” D.C. mail carrier Sheldon Curtis, who works a route in Southeast Washington, said. “I got wipes. I got Lysol wipes. Everybody got their stuff by themselves.”

“The Postal Service has a sufficient supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) available,” USPS spokesman Michael Hotovy said in a statement provided to WUSA9.

WUSA9 asked Hotovy through an exchange of emails about Curtis’ claim that USPS is not providing adequate gear, like masks and hand sanitizer.

“We are encouraging healthy behaviors and protocols including frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers, and additional cleaning of work spaces, and are encouraging any employee who feels they are sick to stay home,” Hotovy’s statement read.

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  • stampthis

    Sadly and unfortunately the USPS has never been interested in nor has it ever implemented a viable safety program for any of its craft workers. Their Bible consisted only of scriptures addressing figures and doctored financial sheets. The standard for handling OWCP paperwork was to bury it, needlessly draw the process out it until an applicant gave up or harass an employee to who knows what reactions until whatever resolution may take place. And all of this was in ‘normal’ times. This current virus apparently is uncontrollable. No medical authority has understood or effected a workable approach to this worldwide menace. Some people appear to recover and then get it again which means as long as people assimilate and they will not quit doing so, all inhabitants of Earth are subject to this thing. Thus, there is no need for a postal service at full speed business as usual. Much of it can stand down or there will be hundreds if not thousands of employee deaths. And for what? Dying making sure those coupons and ads are timely processed and delivered? In normal times that was never the case. Shut it down, hunker down safely for once while saving lives while waiting for whatever needs to be manufactured to overcome this curse.

  • ghostwriter


  • ghostwriter

    Sad situation and of course mgmt. never will take responsibility. Mgmt states to wash your mask as they don’t have enough , they give one pair of gloves. There is isn’t proper or periodical cleaning to the facilities. Sadly the true will come out in the number of sick people, approx.1400 police officers positive in nyc, 300 firemen, but a handful of postal workers, hmmm.

  • joe

    then stay home…or you probably burned/abused ur leave over the years..we can’t close..be safe and do our jobs..gloves don’t help,they are same as ur hands..disease doesn’t go through the skin..would be nice to have hand santizer and Lysol for our trucks

  • Nathan

    It’s a fairly tale that any business can just close their doors and keep em’ shut for any such massive length of time. The entire Nation would choke to death if the USPS did that. The Postal ship definitely needs to tighten up. Did we do any of this for SARS or the Swine Flu? We can’t just all crawl under a rock for 18 months because we’re afraid of our own shadows anymore in this country. Let’s assess things every 30 days and chill the heck out.

  • Roberta Brown

    Stay safe a lot of People depend on us. I am just thankful to be working. if you chose not to work, take leave

  • Roberta Brown

    agreed Nathan.

  • Sam73065

    I don’t know what world you live in, but where in the world are they to get the supplies from? You can’t buy them in walmart or anywhere else, thanks to the hoarding and panic. And in our facility, our custodians do work on all three tours disinfecting areas commonly touched, such as doors, tables, keyboards, etc. Our mechanics are disinfecting the machines that the clerks and mailhandlers us and the pit operators have access to cleaning supplies to clean off their pit equipment. We’re running out of sanitizer but a local distillery is ramping up production of sanitizers, which we’ve been able to purchase some limited amounts of. Currently we have masks, but those will all be gone soon and gloves are being wasted and stolen if left out in the open.

  • Sam73065

    You really need to seek help for your anxiety and fears. They are understandable, but you need to control them and not let them control you. Your post is one long anxiety and fear fueled rant with a few kernels of truth.