No help for USPS in COVID legislation?

Legislation agreed to last night by the US Senate apparently contains no financial relief for the US Postal Service, according to Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), chairman of the government operations subcommittee that oversees the Postal Service.

From the Washington Post:

Connolly blamed Senate Republicans and the White House. McConnell’s office did not reply to a request for comment.

While airlines and other businesses are included in the legislation, “Somehow the Postal Service is not worthy of any financial assistance in the midst of this crisis,” Connolly said.

“It’s to me an outrageous situation. We could have completely returned the Postal Service to solvency and got it started back on its feet and guaranteed continued uninterrupted service to the American people during this crisis and beyond. We’ve decided we’re going to help well-healed industries that have connections, and we’re going to let the Postal Service hang in the wind.”In a message to his members, American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein urged Congress “to act immediately to ensure the financial viability of the Postal Service. We were deeply disappointed that stimulus legislation nearing passage Wednesday does not include vital relief for the Postal Service.”

Source: The Postal Service, in trouble before covid-19, is fighting for its life – The Washington Post

  • Rusty Ford

    Since these assholes neglected the post office then I hope that soon people around the country stop getting their mail. As a postal mail carrier I’m tired of going out there to possibly sacrifice my life just so all these dipshits can have their mail. No one could care less about us out there, especially the postal service.

  • LastinLine4

    Wrong, The USPS was bailed out in the Bill.

  • john p

    Propping up the postal service
    “What they got was a loan !!!,,, that is right … cash cow again ! ”
    What they got: The bill would provide the already-underwater U.S. Postal Service with a $10 billion Treasury loan to stave off total insolvency, but not a direct infusion of emergency cash. House Democrats had wanted a $25 billion appropriation to keep the federal carrier going amid the pandemic, in addition to language that would wipe out its $11 billion debt.