Seattle NDC postal worker tests positive for coronavirus

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — KIRO 7 found out Saturday evening that a Seattle area U.S. Postal Service employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

A corporate communications spokesperson said that the employee works at a Seattle Network Distribution Center located in Federal Way.

The Network Distribution Center is a mail processing plant that distributes USPS marketing mail and package services in piece and bulk form and does not handle letter mail. No mail is delivered from the facility.

The spokesperson said USPS has been consulting with the county health department and was informed that the risk to other employees is low.

KIRO 7 was also told that USPS will continue to follow the recommended strategies from the county and federal health officials.

Source: Local USPS employee tests positive for coronavirus

  • tommy evans

    How many employees are at that center?

  • Stephanie

    Many, an NDC is a warehouse distribution center.

  • tommy evans

    yeah, I’m carrier retired just wondering on figures for that center

  • justin

    we’re still delivering china post…. from private sales


    Post office will never properly protect its employees. That’s why two died during the anthrax scare.

  • Gee


  • Michael

    Clerks and carriers will be the next in line to handle those packages. Letter carriers go to every address in the nation…

  • Christina

    Yeah, I have people coughing on me all day as a window clerk. They just do not get it. No protection from management, not even face masks. too bad, I hope they are going to be alright.

  • Michael

    The virus can live on the surface of a package or parcel for up to 9 days. Some of the busiest U.S. Custom offices are located in SEATTLE, LAX, and NEW YORK. Shipments from China and other infected parts of the world could easily come into the U.S. through the Customs Offices without detection. Those packages are then handled by the employees of postal service and other delivery companies. The same people handling those parcels then touch all the other items delivered to your home and workplace. Anyone empty their mailbox lately?