Residents of Idaho town not happy with mail truck for a post office

DEARY, ID — A post office reduced to just a mail truck. Deary residents have been dealing with for the past eight months.

The post office building in Deary is closed.

It’s such a concern and frustration for residents a representative from the United States Postal Service (USPS) held a town hall last night to try and find solutions.

A packed room at City Hall Tuesday night in Deary. Residents came out looking for answers about the status of their post office.

After all the USPS representative explains getting mail out of a truck isn’t unusual.

“Jackson, Montana we are in a hotel room,” USPS, Real-Estate Specialist Greg Shelton said.

They had to close the old post office building down due to maintenance issues.

The post office truck is parked inside the city’s maintenance shop. It doesn’t deliver anymore. Instead, residents go to the truck to pick up and drop off their mail.

Source: Disappointed residents from downsize of post office to mail truck | KLEW