The impact of the Coronavirus on mail delivery services

COLUMBIA — As the Coronavirus continues to spread in China and to dozens of countries, some people ordering products face uncertainty when they arrive.

Columbia resident Andy Kern was one of those residents. After making a purchase on eBay, he was surprised to see where it was sent from.

“I didn’t realize it was from Wuhan, China until it arrived in the mailbox,” Kern said.

Kern said it took a couple of weeks to get delivered, but he has not opened it since.

“I ordered it in January before the coronavirus really became a thing,” Kern said. “When I realized the package was from Wuhan of all places I thought, of all places in the world it could have come from, it came from Wuhan, China.”

Source: The impact of the Coronavirus on mail delivery services | KRCG

  • proudcarrier

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