Nearly 300 Amazon Packages Stolen From Behind Northern CA Post Office

AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) — The Amador County Sheriff’s office says 297 parcels were stolen from behind the Pioneer Post Office.

Deputies responded to the post office Monday where the Post Master informed them the packages were stolen from four pallets that were left behind the building. The merchandise was from Amazon, according to the Post Master.

The Post Master said the courier service for Amazon mistakenly delivered the packages to the Pioneer Post Office on Sunday, but the post office is not staffed Sunday, and all merchandise is supposed to go to the Jackson Post Office.

Victim information is not available at this time because the post office did not take possession of the parcels. The Post Master is working to identify victims and the Pioneer Post Office will be contacting the courier service to identify the driver.

Source: Nearly 300 Amazon Packages Stolen From Behind Amador County Post Office – CBS Sacramento