Maryland postal worker marks 60 years of service

Raymond German Jr. says the secret to his 58-year postal career is simple: USPS has been good to him.

German, a mail processing clerk at the Suburban Maryland Processing and Distribution Center in Gaithersburg, began his career in 1961, following two years with the U.S. Navy.

USPS leaders and colleagues recently gathered at the facility to celebrate his 60-year federal service milestone.

“I really don’t think I’ve done anything special,” German said during the event, where he received letters of recognition and a service award. “The fact is I’ve been fortunate to have a good work ethic.”

Others praised German’s dedication to the job.

Referring to his more than 5,100 hours of accumulated sick leave, Capital District Manager Sal Vacca said: “I’ve never seen a sick leave balance of this size. It’s a tremendous accomplishment.”

German joins other postal employees who’ve marked six decades or more of service in recent years, including a trio of Los Angeles workers and a Cleveland letter carrier.

German, who has held several mail processing jobs in Capital Metro Area, has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I just come to work and do my job,” he said.

Source: ‘I’ve been fortunate’ | USPS News Link

  • Michael

    Nothing better to do? He’d make more money retiring and enjoying the life he has left.

  • Nathan

    Yeah I agree, the office I work at as a letter carrier, we have like a handful of older carriers and they work like tree sloths go as slow as they can each day and still get our guaranteed pay increases. Drives me nuts when I have to do extra work on top of my own route bla bla bla Hopefully I will be out at 57 haha!!