NYC letter carrier arrested in 2016 for telling cops to slow down charged with “menacing” after weekend altercation with NYPD officers

The New York Post reports that a uniformed postal employee was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at a car carrying several undercover New York City cops.

A ticked-off driver pulled a loaded, stolen gun on a car — only to discover that it was full of plainclothes cops, a high-ranking police source said Sunday.

Glenn Grays allegedly pointed the .45-caliber gun out his window after cutting off the car carrying undercover detectives from the Brooklyn North Gang Unit on the westbound Belt Parkway on Saturday in Sheepshead Bay, according to the source.

Grays, a 31-year-old United States Postal Service employee, was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm and menacing, the source said.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Glenn Grays was the name of the then 27 year old letter carrier arrested on St Patrick’s Day 2016 after yelling at a car full of plain clothed NYPD cops who nearly struck him as he delivered mail.

In that incident, charges were soon dropped, and some of the officers involved were disciplined.

Source: Raging driver pulled gun on car full of undercover cops