Dimondstein Re-Elected APWU National President

APWU President Mark Dimondstein was elected to a third term on Oct. 8.

Also re-elected were Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy, Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Powell, Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman, Legislative and Political Director Judy Beard, Organization Director Anna Smith, Research and Education Director Joyce B. Robinson, Human Relations Director Sue Carney, Retirees Department Director Nancy Olumekor and Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun.

Lamont A. Brooks will become the new Clerk Craft Director. MVS Craft Director Michael O. Foster and Support Services Director Stephen R. Brooks were elected unopposed.

Election results are not official until verified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Unofficial results for all races are printed below. Winners are identified by an asterisk; incumbent officers are denoted by “(I)” after their name. Certified results are expected in the next several days and will be posted on apwu.org and in the next issue of The American Postal Worker.

“I am honored to be re-elected as the national president of the APWU by the members of our great union,” President Dimondstein said. “I greatly appreciate and am humbled by the continued support!”

“Congratulations to all of the winning candidates,” Dimondstein added. “Now is the time for all leaders and members to come together as we use our collective voice to fight for a strong contract in interest arbitration and stand up for a vibrant public Postal Service.”


Mark Dimondstein* 15,766
Greg Bell 6,746
John L. Marcotte 9,765
Tony D. McKinnon, Sr. 3,151
Executive Vice President
Debby Szeredy* (I) 14,237
Sam Wood 7,794
Jonathan Smith 13,108
Elizabeth “Liz” Powell* (I) 25,276
Jeane Gardiner 9,488
Industrial Relations Director
Vance Zimmerman* (I) 13,205
Scott M. Hoffman 11,735
Legislative/Political Director
Judy Beard* (I) 17,653
Courtney Jenkins 9,797
Thomas Benson 7,490
Organization Director
Anna Smith* (I) 17,736
Doris Simmons 6,996
Research and Education Director
Joyce B. Robinson* (I) 14,273
Dena Briscoe 10,592
Human Relations Director
Susan M. “Sue” Carney* (I) 18,979
Nannette J. Corley 4,932
Daleo Freeman 10,908
Health Plan Director
Robert Furbush 8,618
Sebrina E. Maynard 11,152
Sarah Jane Rodriguez* 13,659


Central Region
Sharyn M. Stone* (I) 3,818
Roscoe Woods 2,265
Northeast Region
Scott Adams 1,713
Tiffany Foster* 3,026
Western Region
Omar M. Gonzalez* (I) 2,978
Dominic Davis 1,004
Eastern Region
William LaSalle 1,268
Gwendolyn Lane 794
AJ Jones* 2,216
Southern Region
Kennith L. Beasley* (I) 4,320
Princella J. Edwards Vogel 1,637



Clint Burelson (I) 6,769
Lamont A. Brooks* 10,519
Assistant Director (A)
Sam Lisenbe* 8,960
Michael Macho 8,030
Assistant Director (B)
Lynn Pallas-Barber* (I) 9,981
Christine “Chris” Pruitt 7,197
National Business Agents, Southern Region
Atlanta Region, (C)
Michael Sullivan* (I) 1,145
William G. Flanagan, Jr. 746
Dallas Region, (A)
Jack Crawford* (I) 687
Carlton Williams 566
Dallas Region, (C)
Alex Aleman 424
Diann Scurlark* 469
Ben Martinez 365
National Business Agents, Central Region
Chicago Region, (B)
Mike O’Hearn (I) 696
Devendra Rathore “D”* 790
Wichita Region, (A)
Ashley Cargill* 306
David W. Black, Sr. 256
National Business Agents, Western Region
San Francisco Region, (A)
Sonia E. Canchola* (I) 710
Ricardo “Rick” Ruiz 653
San Francisco Region, (C)
Eric A. Van Dyke* 818
Terry L. Hood 501


Idowu Balogun* (I) 3,492
Sayed Moustafa 1,506
Assistant Director (A)
Jimmie Waldon* (I) 3,290
Kenneth Wall/td> 1,634
Assistant Director (B)
Terry B. Martinez* (I) 3,067
Steven Duckworth 1,935
National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
Southern Region, (A)
John Gearhard* (I) 795
Michael Burris 440
Southern Region, (B)
Carlos Paz* (I) 735
Kyle Powell 493
Western Region, (B)
Louis M. Kingsley* (I) 466
Caroline B. Federico 237



National Business Agents, Eastern Region
Kenneth (Ken) Prinz* (I) 336
Michael “Mike” Strano 86
National Business Agents, Southern Region
Southeast Sub-Region
Bruce E. Amey* (I) 352
Gregory Dixon 277
National Business Agents, Southern Region,
Southwest Sub-Region
Dwight (D.D.) Johnson (I) 97
Dyrike Shaw* 143


Nancy E. Olumekor* (I) 4,895
Jennifer D. Fulbright 4,830


Retiree National Convention Delegates
Western Region
Patricia A. Williams* (I) 992
Patricia Mort 497


Source: Dimondstein Re-Elected National President | American Postal Workers Union