Top stories of the week September 22-28

  1. Postmaster General thanks Trump for “his leadership in helping us” negotiate UPU agreement
  2. USPS wants to look at using drones to deliver mail, and to “improve autonomous vehicle performance”
  3. Illinois mail carrier investigated after being seen on camera kissing elderly woman in her home
  4. Yet Another Impasse at the Postal Service as Two More Labor Contracts Expire
  5. App to allow postal workers to access time clock rings online
  6. Chicago Letter Carrier Seen Bringing Woman Into Truck, Leaves Her With Mail
  7. Holiday Wreaths Adorn Forever Stamps
  8. Connecticut postal worker pleads guilty to theft of mail
  9. Gunman Gets 8 Years for Aurora CO Post Office Robbery
  10. Man who killed 2 postal supervisors found not guilty by reason of insanity
  • numbersix6

    I suppose the murder of Rural Carrier Irene Pressley on her route in South Carolina on 9/23, and the subsequent arrest of the murder suspect on 9/28, doesn’t cut it as a top ten postal news story of the week. But great to hear about the Holiday wreath stamps!

  • postalnews

    It is surprising, but the top ten stories are based on the number of times people clicked on a particular story.