Waxahachie mail carrier delivers inspiration by running route

To be a mail carrier, in the middle of Texas — in the middle of summer is admirable. To do it the way Jamila Hendricks does is crazy.

“There’s times where I question myself like, ‘Chick, you must be [crazy], how are you doing this? Why are you doing this,’” she said.

Every day, in Waxahachie, whenever Jamila isn’t driving, she’s running her entire route. “A lot of people say, ‘Is a dog chasing you? Are you running from someone? Did something just happen,’” she said.

Jamila says it’s not what she’s running from, it’s what she’s running for. “I run for them,” she said.

Jamila and her husband have three children, and she wanted to set a better example.

Source: Waxahachie mail carrier delivers inspiration by running route | wfaa.com

  • John Thompson, Sr

    Love her passion but she also needs to be careful in the heat

  • 1776blues

    Not just the heat, the job itself is physically demanding. If she’s running, finishes early, you can bet the net round of route inspections will result in adding deliveries to her route. The amount of deliveries depends on how short her route is. I’ve seen at least two carriers, one which I warned, get their route added, and they couldn’t understand why and ended up bidding off the route leaving it for someone else to do. Management appreciates very little and cannot stop routes being added to.

  • John Thompson, Sr

    Totally agree with you on those points. I’m a rural carrier but I know things go on the city side as well.

  • Debbie Vinson

    Had a carrier do that for years till he had a heart attack while running