USPS mail carrier caught on camera driving over customer’s front lawn

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A mail carrier is coming under fire for driving over a homeowner’s front lawn in northeast Miami-Dade to deliver the mail.

Surveillance video shows the U.S. Postal Service truck driving up the lawn to get as close as possible to the mail box.

“I was with my kids inside and I looked out and I was like, ‘Oh. OK. That’s nice. You’re driving on my lawn,'” Sharon Kochlany said.

Kochlany said she was home Thursday and saw it happen out her window.

Then she started checking her Ring doorbell video.

According to Kochlany, the mail carrier drove the truck across her lawn every day around 4:45 p.m. over at least the last several days.

Local 10 News reporter Janine Stanwood was at the home Friday afternoon and spotted the alleged postal lawn parker herself.

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  • Lisa A Keuhlen

    Unless this is a walking route, why isn’t the mailbox where the carrier can serve it from her vehicle?

  • common sense

    Because it doesn’t have to be?

  • Sally

    Exactly! Another example of laziness and disregard for customers property.